Mdantsane’s Summer Reunion lives up to hype

The much-anticipated annual Mdantsane Summer Reunion (MSR) lived up to its billing when it attracted thousands of holidaymakers to the township this week.

SPINNING IT: The Mdantsane Summer Reunion crowd was entertained by DJs Lady Sakhe and Christos on Wednesday Picture: SISIPHO ZAMXAKA

The streets of Mdantsane were abuzz on Wednesday as they made their way to the big event at NU13 Winter Rose Stadium with their cooler boxes and camp chairs.

The event reunited old friends, some of whom were born and bred in Mdantsane but who work out of town.

Traffic was backed up from as far as Fort Jackson – about 1km away – but that did not deter the thousands of people.

MSR organiser and DJ Sivuyile Gqeba said the event was growing rapidly and more people showed up each year.

“More than 6000 tickets were sold three days before the event,” Gqeba said.

“We are happy that people are now getting into the culture of buying tickets on time,” he added. Gqeba said they would continue prioritising local talent and giving them a platform to showcase their skill.

“We have started bringing in one or two national artists in the past two years, but the bigger picture that we have is for those artists to workshop the artists in other avenues of the industry so that they [local artists] could also grow and get to where they are,” he said.

Headliners DJ Christos and Lady Sakhe played a one-on-one mix that left the crowd begging for more.

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch before jetting out of East London yesterday, Christos said he was equally impressed by the organisers, the DJs and the crowd at the Mdantsane event.

“We were not restricted on what music to play. The response from the crowd was also amazing. After we played, people didn’t leave. Promoters should now know that a lineup should be 80% local artists and two or three national artists,” he said.

Mdantsane-born Philasande Peme, who goes by the stage name “DJ Plan-B”, played at the MSR for the third time.

He said the event had grown “massively” since 2013.

“The quality of the sound and stage has improved from previous years and the number of people attending the event has increased quite significantly.

“The [MSR] organisers pride themselves in local artists and the supporters came out in numbers because their favourite DJs would be all in one roof,” said Peme. —