Another Ford Kuga bursts into flames

    An Eastern Cape motorist watched helplessly as her Ford Kuga burst into flames on the R63 between King Williams Town and Dimbaza this afternoon.

    Another Ford Kuga has caught fire.
    Another Ford Kuga has caught fire.

    Traffic officials and police closed both lanes for over an hour while waiting for the fire department to arrive. According to eyewitnesses, the driver, was crying hysterically as her car went up in flames. According to a traffic official on the scene, the incident was caused by a faulty cooling system.

    “The problem is the cooling system – the car started overheating and the exhaust pipe got extremely hot and started producing sparks which led to flames.”
    This is the latest Kuga to burn this week in the province. A Port Elizabeth family escaped unharmed after their Kuga burst into flames while driving at Gelvendale.
    Similar incidences involving Ford Kugas have been reported countrywide amid mounting pressure from consumers that the company recall thevehicles.


    1. Kuga owners should stop returning the cars for inspections……demand answers and stop being bullied by “FORD” they cant keep your family safe neither can they gaurantee you the safety. Stand together and take them on !!!

    2. There was a traffic official that made the statement about the cause of the fire as the cooling system, is this person trained and qualified to make such a statement?

      Please get your facts straight and dont publish hearsay stories of uncreditted sources. You mislead the public by doing that.

    3. malibongwe.. firstly… was the traffic official under the bonnet to see the cooling system get hot and cause the exhausted to overheat which then somehow caused sparks which set the car alight?? secondly malibongwe tell me… if it was not the traffic official was it the lady driver??? did the traffic official arrive there before the vehicle burnt or did the lady happen to stop by the official before it started to burn because your story sounds more like a Ford copy paste to me… as a reporting journo i hope you have some idea of how any vehicle works… please explain how a cooling system (which works with water and Glycol) can cause an exhaust to get hot ( please explain how an exhaust can thrown sparks if made from mild steel or stainless steel) which then causes the car to burn?? you go tell the person you spoke to at Ford which gave you this coverup story that the only thing that can cause these cars to burn is radiated heat. all these vehicles were on open roads… radiated heat is now directed on or the tool oil pipe (cooling and lubrication) causing it to burst and throw hot oil on the hot turbo causing flames OR the radiated heat melts panels dripping the plastic onto the turbo or exhaust causing flames which is fed nice and fresh oxygen and these flames run through the engine bay at a speed… now tell your ford contact to stop making these false accusations and to fix the problem before another person dies… now prove me wrong…

    4. Hi
      I am unfortunately one of those owners of that “FAMOUS” Kuga model – have there been any other follow ups or findings from the inquiry of the National Consumer Commission ??