ANC needs to now invest in branches and act against arrogance

ANC provincial secretary Oscar Mabuyane sent a brilliant message via social networks to thank all the people who cast their votes next to the ANC in 36 municipalities. 

Those defeated must accept it but consider going back to the drawing board in response to the election results.

Oscar Mabuyane
Oscar Mabuyane

However, each branch of the ANC needs to resuscitate subcommittees to respond to this call and develop a mechanism of political education as a tool to guide the masses.

Ward committees are critical structures for this role and it sho uld be mandatory for all ANC branches to participate and ultimately lead in these structures.

The ANC must come up with responsibilities that keep the branch chairperson and secretary accountable to the general membership at least three times a month.

ANC branches must play their vanguard and oversight roles effectively and discuss content of government programmes rather than being champions of revolutionary sounding slogans that cannot be substantiated with content.

I also believe a word of caution is necessary to branches and their respective leaders: In pursuing these roles do not misuse the important task for settling political scores and pursuing individual narrow interests.

This is the time as an organisation to act against arrogance and pride among our membership, because these tendencies destroy the integration that keeps our old cadres in the movement.

The ANC leadership needs to invest resources in building the human capital of its branches.

The focus of these programmes must focus not only on the branch executive committees but also on general members.

Let me borrow words of wisdom from Tata Nelson Mandela, who said: “This is a lesson for all of us to live our lives: the ways in which we will achieve our goals are bound by context, changing with circumstances even while we remain steadfast in our commitment to our vision.”

Furthermore we can’t accept and allow the gains of freedom that the Mandelas, Sisulus, Tambos and Hanis have died for to fall so swiftly into the hands of the DA because of one man.

The ANC should call a special national general council to bring a way forward before it is too late. xIt can avoid the norm that has escalated in the African continent, where every liberation movement after 20 years of democracy became as opposition parties.

If needs be, I will support the notion that we approach ANC veterans like Kgalema Motlanthe, Winnie Mandela and Thabo Mbeki and ask them to talk to EFF leader Julius Malema about a coalition in municipalities where we performed badly, otherwise our country will be recolonised if the DA rules us.



  1. The ANC should be all inclusive. Whites, Black, all colors should be the makeup of the ANC and unfortunately, until that happens, there will be no stability in SA. There was an all white party called the National Party, they failed to keep SA together. Now you have the all Black ANC and they are too failing to SA together. SA need to embrace all people for their contributions to society and their individual skills