Woman gives birth in public

THE Matatiele Advice Centre has accused a local hospital of a human rights violation after a heavily pregnant woman was turned away from the facility.

DAMAGED DIGNITY: Nomasabatha Manzinda of Khoapa village in Matatiele had to give birth on the veranda of the Matatiele Advice Centre last Thursday after she was allegedly turned away by nurses at Tailor Bequest Hospital in Matatiele Picture: SUPPLIED

She gave birth on a veranda in full view of the public minutes later.
Nosabatha Madzinga, 28, of Khoapa village in Matatiele was turned away from the town’s Tailor Bequest Hospital when she went there to give birth last Thursday. Minutes later she gave birth on the veranda of the Matatiele Advice Centre .
Health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said they were investigating claims of negligence.
Madzinga alleged that nurses at the hospital said she must go to a clinic.
“But that was my due date and I was in labour. Nurses at the clinic where I used to go for check-ups had many times advised pregnant mothers that when in labour they must not bother to go to the clinic, but go straight to the hospital because they were not doing midwifery,” said Madzinga.
“I did exactly that. I was upset when I was chased away. Giving birth outside has taken away my dignity as a pregnant woman. ”
Matatiele Advice Centre’s paralegal officer Noxolisa Magugu, who was one of the people who assisted with the delivery, said she was shocked the hospital had turned Madzinga away.
“This is a human rights violation by professionals in the department of health. The act degrades our dignity as women. It exposed what should stay private when delivering a baby ,” said Magugu.

Kupelo said they would investigate the matter.
“There is of course an indication of negligence from the nurses according to the account of the patient. But we are still investigating ,” he said.
The Matatiele Advice Centre said it was prepared to assist Madzinga in whatever action she wanted to take against the department. — lulamilef@dispatch.co.za