Church hit by sex scandal

Women claim pastor had sexual relations with them.

AN EAST London church is struggling to recover from an embarrassing scandal after a string of women worshippers revealed they had sexual relations with the leader of the church – the charismatic Pastor Zakhele Ntiwane.

Ntiwane is a well-known preacher and a self-proclaimed prophet and leads Power of the Cross church in Amalinda, which often attracts more than 1000 worshippers. He owns one of the fastest-growing Christian radio stations in the province, Izwi Lethemba.

All his Sunday sermons are streamed live by the station.

CENTRE OF STORM: Pastor Zakhele Ntiwane (centre), and his wife, Mbali, surrounded by some of the children that his church has been helping since moving to East London in 1998 Picture: MARK ANDREWS

The Saturday Dispatch, which has been investigating the allegations for three weeks, can today reveal more than a dozen women from Power of the Cross have come forward to claim they have had liaisons with Ntiwane – a married father of four.

Some of the women are married and their husbands are or were leaders in the church.

The claims by the women first emerged at the time of the Easter holidays. One even claimed to have aborted a child fathered by the pastor.

This sent shock waves through the church. Numerous attempts by leaders in the church to prevent the claims reaching the public, including holding meetings with the women individually, have failed to cover up the scandal.

The church has lost hundreds of worshippers to other local churches since the revelations emerged.

The women, some of whom are still members of the church, are receiving counselling from other pastors. A number of them have left East London and the church.

During the investigation the Dispatch was given the names of nine women. Three of them spoke openly but requested anonymity. One referred us to the church while others refused to speak.

Numerous attempts to speak to Ntiwane were unsuccessful.

Saturday Dispatch Front page.
Saturday Dispatch Front page.

A Dispatch team yesterday visited his offices in Pefferville after numerous phone calls went unanswered. Numerous voice messages and text messages were also left for him.

Late yesterday Ntiwane, who the Dispatch understands was out of town, switched off his phone. His wife had also not responded to questions at the time of going to print.

But a member of the church claimed Ntiwane confessed to everything during a church meeting held at Sinovuyo High School in Pefferville.

“After the investigation he came out and confessed. He told us that whatever we heard, big or small, was what happened, and he was sorry. People started to call other church leaders to help him,” said the man.

As the pastor of the Power of the Cross church, Ntiwane reports to Living in Divine Purposes Ministries in Hazyview, Mpumalanga.

Pastor CQ Khoza, the president of Living in Divine Purposes Ministries, who mentored Ntiwane when he was starting out as a pastor, confirmed the scandal.

Khoza was one of the leaders called upon to intervene when the allegations surfaced.

“I came down [to East London] to talk to him and he confessed to some of the allegations of sleeping with these women but he was not willing to change,” said Khoza.

“When I was there I heard of how these women will have to [undergo] abortions, and some telling of how they slept with him,” Khoza said.

His church had now cut all ties with Ntiwane. “We have stopped communicating now.

The sex scandal has also been the talk of the town among Christians. in East London. after details reportedly first emerged in April this year. Ntiwane has spent the last four months meeting with those involved or affected.

The allegations are, however, not new as last year a woman, in her mid-20s, went to report Ntiwane to the church’s leadership after he promised to make her a “special lady”.

“Pastor Ntiwane, a person who I regarded as my father, told me he will make me a special woman and we will keep this a secret.

“I went to speak to the church leaders, including his wife. But they never listened. They said I was telling lies,” said the woman.

But after she went public with this, a number of women came forward to report Ntiwane was either asking them for sexual favours or were already having sexual relations with him.

Another woman spoke this week of how she was forced to have an abortion.

“I can’t really talk about this. It’s painful. I am really scared of Ntiwane. I respected him but when he said he wanted to sleep with me, I got confused, I was vulnerable.

“I had to do the abortion as my parents would have asked what happened as they know I am a born-again person.

“I aborted, that was my first child. I have never had a man in my life,” said the woman.

She begged the Dispatch to protect her identity.

A woman, who is known for being active in the church, said she was not ready to talk.

“At this stage I have no comment, not now, I am not ready.” —


    • Yhoo I give up, the man even confessed to doing these things and yet there are followers to this church. Talk about indoctrination, this is really a cult. It’s about time ppl started to praise God and not a man as they were or are doing ku Ntiwane ( not even his name) or Baba as they are soo fond of calling him.

  1. Guys will u stand for the truth once,it doesn’t matter how much you love a person BT when they have done wrong they r wrong.i wish he can come to his senses while he still alive. We all sin but what is important is to realise your mistake and confess then repent.God never created any perfect man but he don’t say we must sin.God is the judge….ladies is time we take our stand,don’t allow any man to play with…been there,done that,got the page…run your race

      • Salif, its up to you what you believe, but there is a God out there and he’s done a lot of things in my and others lives to show he’s there. You should come to him with faith and a pure heart and you’ll also feel him and experience his mighty wonders.

          • It doesn’t end there sir. God exist period!
            We don’t need to be told this, the nature itself is telling it. Almost everything in this world including you its either made by God or man. I.e. People, Mountains, sees- etc are made by God. Aircrafts, cars, machinery, PCs etc made by man. there is nothing which has just appeared to be what it is without any one behind it, both in the natural and spiritual realms. Most of the things are controlled in the spiritual realms where you can not see.

  2. # shocked # this is surprising bt then again we people we all born in to sin tht is why it’s important to trust God not men bcz nw am sure the congregation will decrease because their respected father has done the opposite of what he preaches….may he repent and preach the true gospel not act otherwise. ….may he repent while time permits cz he will mislead many ppl and he will b held accountable when jesus comes. ……………

  3. And God said – “go forth and multiply” – so perhaps Ntiwane practices what he preaches and lays hands on his flock. – Hallelujah !

  4. Our role model for salvation should be Christ not people…….umntu uyohlala engumntu and Jesus Christ is the son of God and our role model as man……He came from Heaven to Earth to show the way….so sonke we are looking up to Jesus even the Pastors are looking up to Him….

  5. I believe that it is grossly unfair and mischievous to write and publish a full story about a person without getting his side of a story. From this article, I sense a salient appetite to kill the character and the esteem of my beloved pastor. Your article is full faceless “victims” and the credibility of the whole article is therefore in question. I plead with the Editor of the Daily Dispatch to take full consideration of the concern I have stated above before allowing the publishing of these kinds of articles, especially when the article seeks to undermine the person of this high calibre in society and in Buffalo City. The Daily Dispatch is known for leaking unsubstantiated and factually distorted articles especially with issues concerning the pastor and the church at large. I has been a long time since the Daily Dispatch last wrote a true reflection of events about my pastor, and that I am not merely defending the allegations made about the pastor (Because God will provide closure into this) but I am questioning the moral and the ethical standards of the said reporter of this article. Why the sudden rush to publish the story without getting the other side of the story from the pastor? Why the impatience? As the Daily Dispatch, where are your system of checks and balances in this instance?

    • Wow mntaka Ngesi ungakhumsha usikhuphe ngeempumlo isingesi but the writing Iis on the damned wall. What part of he confessed that he’d done all these things don’t u understand? Whoah, hay kunzima inene. Kuyo yonke lento andiva kucela xolo kwalomkhohlisi kumaxhoba akhe. Makuyekwe unqulwa umntu, kuthandazwe uThixo. I mean everywhere there is umntu kaNtiwane uyawbe enithe mba ngoloNtiwane, whereas nabanye abantu bayakhonza but abangxoleli bantu yonke indawo abahamba kuyo ngee pastors or abafundisi babo. To me that was a Biggest sign that this iwas not a church, it was rather a CULT. Wake up Ngesi, this your leader is fraudulent, or uyawkholwa xa edlengulwe udade wenu or your wife?

    • I’m sure you are an adorable fan of this satanist!! Why did he not then respond to calls and sms’s? You can twang and bark as much as you like…the cr@p pastor you worship is a devil, umuncu like ANC die-hard fans sdenge.

  6. Andifuni noyiva ayikho yonke lento ithethekayo lonto ababantu benza lento bayakwazi ukumnyelisa umntu akhonto nizamenza yona uBaba nizatsho nincame

  7. Sad indeed, that all this is where it is. Its very sad that one of our own is said to have gone this far, again very sad that those who look up on us have suffered, are suffering and will continue to suffer this much.

    I so wish this was all nothing but a mistake. Its sad that we are reading and blogging in response to it. I wonder what Dr Baloyi is (real father n mentor) taking all this as he is the one who brought & delegated Pastor Zakhele Ntiwane to the Eastern Cape. I would’ve loved to read about his comment and intended action.

  8. Our love must be intertwined with the Truth, and our truth must be to love. Liyekeni iphepha Bazalwana Hands Off our DD

    What we now need is love, grace, and sincerity in while we continue in prayer as it is the only remedy to this pain we endure together with families of the affected sisters, Ntiwane family, members and partners of his ministry, the immediate supporting community.

    Where there’s smoke……..ours is to apologise to all man and to Abba Father. Denial and suppression will not help the situation same as the pointing of fingers to him or even asking why did they allow it, or why reveal it now….. All that will not help, we are one people who need to carry our wounded fellows while not condoning any disrespectful behaviour.
    The Gospel will be preached and the gates of hell will not prevail, not thru our weaknesses or schemes of the fallen one. Thanx Abongile for evry word said.
    C. Q Koza could’ve done more not just for the pastor but the church at large including the hurting women and members in general as any spiritual father is expected .

  9. hooooo fathr come to shw yr people de truth..coz this is not a truth bt devil reveal othet way yoku wisa bantu mna im church goer bt i c cz i hv de wisdom i gt frm god wena daily dispactch i curse u bt de name of jesus

  10. Nothing new in this story……..this happens all over and everyday!!!

    Please DD this crap bores me to death,surely you have more exciting things to write about.


  11. Mna the only thing we can do is to pray for all the man of God out there.The devil is attacking the whole body of Christ thina into esinoyenza kukuma emthandazweni and also siyazi abefundisi nabo bangabantu abango Thixo and i role model yethu ifanele ukuba ibe ngu Yesu naye elenga emnqamlezweni lets fix our eyes bethunani kulo usibizileyo

  12. @Dinto-u r so right,Xolani is memsmerized by the smooth talking of the Pastor.uTata naye “yindoda” and this is what men do.Yena ebezaushiyeka ngoba kutheni?

    • Cya, i think u should know better that there are two sides in each and every story. The same can be said about you and I don’t think u’l expect people to hear only one side of the story if it was about you or your loved one. I think its immature to make conclusive remarks without hearing the other side of the story, which is my major problem with this article. Lets wait for uTata to respond ubuya kwakhe before we can cast our aspersions on the person of the pastor. For your information ,u tata is not a sweet-talker therefore your remarks in saying I am “mesmerised” by “sweet talking” is something which just hangs in the air

  13. aw nkosi i don’t want to judge anyone bcs there’s only one judge up there who are we to judge. Let’s pray for everybody not to lead unto temptations. There was a story in the bible of hana and penina when hana was praying sorrowfuly when the men of God entered the temple he thought hana was drunk which that men of God was in flesh. Let us not be controlled by the flesh people of GOD lets pray for one another. But i don’t believe this story then if is true i don’t know what to say

  14. Boxer I have the feeling that I know you & you also went to POCC, ialso from there & know for sure these allegations are true. I’m also disappointed & I wish it wasn’t true but everyone at POCC knows its true because he really admitted infront of us that he did it but he never apologized for it, as pastor Khoza confirmed he has no intensions to change. He didn’t rape them it was an agreement cause he was giving them money & buying cars for some. DD did right by exposing the truth but its not for us to judge

  15. I bless you all in Jesus’ name!

    I think the pastor has made not one but a handful of mistakes. 1 – sleeping around. 2 – the abortions. 3 – not appologising & not showing signs of willing to change according to Pastor CQ Khoza.

    But we are not meant to judge, as the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is the only judge (Matthew 7). Therefore, the best we can do for the pastor is to pray for him, to find the right path to walk in – that path is JESUS CHRIST!

    We all make mistakes, daily. Even the smallest mistakes we make – satan sees an opportunity to attack. The devil attacks where there’s mis-interpretation of the Word of God, where there’s not enough prayer, where there’s sin, & hatred.

    The devil tries & tries to attack me from the inside, but I’ve got the FIRE of GOD burning & blazzing inside of me. So he’s resolved to desperate measures of using people to try & bring me down – claiming that I’m a false pastor, whilst I have people who’ve confirmed to have been healed & delivered by JESUS CHRIST through my prayers.

    But I’m not here to try & boast, but I’m here to crush criticism, and to promote the attitude of prayer for the pastor.

    I leave you in HOPE, FAITH & LOVE (1 Cor 13:13) in JESUS’ name!

  16. he is a human being like anybody else if its true only God to judge him he lives on hearth not i heaven let us stop acting like we are perfect or we are saints we need to pray 4 one another.I still strongly blieve tht he waz appointed and used by God and i nw God has already forgive him and the devil is attacking our Pastors coz thy praying 4 us that alone is making the devil angry cs they can not do what they want to do about our lifes Foward man of GOD izodlula nale njengezinye

  17. I knew that one day the truth will come out about this man. Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing all this things it’s really the end of times.

  18. Akhonto ifihleka kude kuphele especial xa ukholwa ndikhumbula ngo2012 ndandilele nosisi owayehlukunyezwe nguPastor eSt Marks i think if uyibonile le article uthe uYesu uyimpendulo yezwe elonakeleyo kudala ndiyilindele lemini

  19. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is infallible ,we all sin everyday but God loves us unconditionally, so people must stop judging other people as if they are perfect, times like these need prayers, let us all please pray for all those affected by this demonic influence.

  20. Bt what you have done mfundisi is uncepteble before God all you need is to repent and go back where you came from I thought you are pst to me bt not you must be ashamed of your self I m think about abanye abantu obamoshileyo ubuntombi babo so we forgive bt we want you to pack n go back to kzn sorry lord for saying this

  21. This is hurting and appalling. Man of the cloak are supposed to live above reproach and set good examples to mankind. Even though we cannot advocate that he be condemned yet I believe he must do the noble thing of resigning from the ministry to find himself and healing. I don’t believe he can just claim to be restored without true repentance. One mustn’t think of bread on the table at this juncture, but of souls that are betrayed and disappointed and dejected. Sinful habits need to be dealt with accordingly before they become personalities that turn to undermine and water down the blood of Jesus and power of the gospel. Let all believers pray for his repentance and restoration not as a man of God but as a child who needs forgiveness and cleansing.

  22. I m not suprised yilento ka-Pastor ntiwane, you reap what sow ,yinto le kudala isenzeka phaya. The bible says: akhonto ifihlakala kuphele emhlabeni. Siwadinga amadoda kaThixo anjengo N.J.Sithole, Dr D.S.Gumbi, bishop B.S.Zikhali , Apostle V.Mahlaba& Pst Msiza. Ngoba bathwele oobaba aba,ebeyokuthini ku-T.B Joshua e-Nigeria?


  24. Inetyala lendoda. Yaye zithi izibhalo. Xa uyinkokeli, ungakulinge ukhalazeleke, uPawulosi athi kuyakungena iiNgcuka ezicinezelayo zize zilahlekise umhlambi, uYesu athi kwincwadi yeValengi, kuya kubakho abaProfeti bobuxoki ehlabathi. IziProfeto zizalisekile. Athi uYakobi uSathana uzenza ingelosi yokuKhanya.

    Andigwebi. Kodwa uNtiwane unetyala elingangentaba phambi kweTrone kaThixo if this is True. Amen,

    ntiwane, cela uzithobe ukuze ufundiswe indlela yokukholisa uThixo, kuba woyisakele kukuziphatha. Amen.

  25. as if nizi angels othi akanasono makamxulube ngamatye ingathi babaleka bonke naba babesithi uhenyuzile stop judging please lets pray for one another

  26. Women must learn to say NO bethuna kanti kutheni abantu abangomama bengenaye u HAYI. Sekunjenjenje kukungakwazi ukuvula umlomo bathi “hay tata irongo lento uythethayo and ANDIZUYENZA, ayiyo rape leyenzeke apha zi love affairs, bebethandana noPastor ababafazi, mhlaumbi ide ireportwe nje ngumona woba edlulele kwabenye. NO must be NO bafazi, TYHINI!


  28. We look at the pastor and judge, we shouldn’t forget that none of these women were raped, it was consensual.nlets remember that Delilah has multiplied . Nothing shocking. They are all humans but the womenwill always be women

  29. According to the leadership to all leaders this thing is painfully bcs every pastor will be counted as opastor do this and that I don’t promote a sin but let’s pray hard about leadership it is in crisis, other’s are hunting money, power, position s and I don’t understand why south African pastors followed that Nigeria pastor , something Is suspicious about that pastor of Nigeria and I am not a racist but I am voicing out the truth.

  30. We must have Christ like character a charecter of forgiveness we are the believers not pigian people ingathi sekuvuka nomona kwabanye bethu about a man of God.

  31. I am very ashamed to here this. I think just admitting sin is not enough. This calls for repentance. I know him personally and I respected him as well.However,I had to cut ties with him because I sensed in my spirit that something is wrong with him. He used to demand that I paid tithe by force to his ministry. And honestly speaking although I initially obeyed and was doing so I decided to stop any ties with his ministry. I thank God for opening my spiritual eyes about this end time prophet. MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN.

  32. Hayi Pastor mfondini kucacile okukwekati enqenqeza ehlungwini ukuba ubungawabi lamacuba kodwa noko ubuwabhubhisa. Guquka mhlekazi ixesha lisekhona nanimabhinqa hlukanani nokrexeza nabantu babantu.

  33. Thina bantu sayiqala nobaba lenkhaysuka there’s no confession na apology ngandawo apha kudala wayenza lotata lento akazisoli tu he’s just sorry kuba e exposed

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