WATCH: Fists fly in Durban golf course brawl

A tranquil day of golf turned into a free-for-all as players punched and slapped each other around at Windsor Park Golf Course in Durban.

WARNING: This clip contains explicit language.

Apparently the Indians were turning around after the 1st 9. The white guys tried to go before them. They approached the caddie master who allowed them to go through. An argument started and the white guy called them coolie and black charous. That's when the fight started

Posted by Yunus Elias on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A video of the altercation – peppered with F-bombs‚ shouting and a running commentary by women observing the drama – was posted on the Facebook group‚ Durban Crime N All.

“Yeah I’m filming it‚” one of the ladies shouts as male players hurl abuse‚ insults and punches in the footage.

“What’s the matter with you? – You are on a golf course‚ you on a golf course man‚” the ladies shout.

Samantha Purdy from the Athlone Golf Club confirmed that the incident took place on Saturday but had no idea what caused the fracas.

“It happened early on Saturday morning. I am not sure what the argument was about. I just heard a lot of shouting then I saw that there was a big punch-up‚ so I don’t know what the hell the situation was about‚” she said.

The reason for the delay in identifying the men is because four groups as well as the public have access to the course.

“We will be investigating who the people involved were because this was uncalled for‚ really‚” she added.

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Source: TMG Digital.