Beacon Bay-Gonubie link project breathes again

Excavators are eating up Beacon Bay hillsides as road building gets going on the dream link road joining Beacon Bay and Gonubie.

CARVING A ROUTE: Excavation is under way for the link road which will run between Beacon Bay and Gonubie Picture: TYLER RIDDIN

A lot rides on the 6.9km road mini-corridor project, which is expected to create a flush of urban development on the hectare between the two suburbs.

The linkage will create a greater East London and generate new revenue in rates for Buffalo City Metro (BCM).

Malls and housing estates springing up have been spoken of with developers constantly talking about the shortage of land available for middle-income developments in the metro.

The project, given the go-ahead in May 2014, was recently granted R70.7-million from BCM to get going again.

Yesterday, before the rain came, there was dust, clanking and roaring of engines at the busy site at the end of Quenera Drive.

A 20-ton CAT 320D hydraulic excavator gouged into the earth, and dump trucks ferried tons of soil and rock from the construction site.

At the launch of the second phase of development on May 25, mayor Xola Pakati said investors had already put money into private development in the Quenera area.

Human development such as malls and housing would inevitably spring up on the valuable land along this stretch of road which is set to become a major transportation hub connecting thousands of residents from both suburbs.

The Dispatch previously reported that completion of the road was set for February 2019.





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