Zuma should face the International Criminal court charges over murder of farmers: former Miss World Anneline Kriel

Former Miss World Anneline Kriel has suggested President Jacob Zuma face charges of crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court for failing to protect farmers in South Africa.

Her call‚ which includes the deployment of the military to protect vulnerable farmers‚ comes after a string of farm murders and the release of quarterly crime statistics‚ which revealed that there had been 116 more murders than the same period last year.

Kriel was the default winner of the Miss World title in 1974 after the United Kingdom’s Helen Morgan resigned several days after being crowed.

President Jacob Zuma

“If the President and the ANC are against these killings then they must act accordingly. If the ANC can deploy the army at the State if the Nation Address he can surely authorise protection for vulnerable farmers by support for local farm watch organisations and deal with these murderers‚” Kriel said.

She said Zuma’s inaction served as tacit approval of the murders.

“Should we assume that he and the ANC are condoning them? If he remains silent and impotent on such an important matter then he himself is complicit in the murder of these helpless individuals and should face the full might of the law either in South Africa of in the International Criminal Court in The Hague‚” she said.

South Africa recently signalled its intention to withdraw from the ICC‚ but a court ruled this week that this could only happen with parliament’s approval.

Kriel said: “South Africa is a society with unreported murders in all walks of society. Yes‚ every gruesome murder is shocking and unacceptable‚” she said. Repeated attempts to get comment from The Presidency were not responded to.

Black First Land First leader Andile Mgxithama has said violence meted out against white farmers was simply retribution from “black slave” farm workers.

He said the culture of violence was so deeply entrenched in farm life‚ brutal attacks on “white masters” were not surprising.

“If you look at the gruesome manner in which farmers are attacked‚ it is more like a response or revenge. Even the farmers that are not involved in brutality end up becoming victims because of the culture of violence. The death of these farmers is minuscule compared to the horrors that black people face. Black people are backed into a corner.

“Farm life for blacks is characterised by dispossession and violence. I was born and raised on a farm. Farms are controlled by white people and the workers are just property. You can’t have visitors without permission and you can’t go to town without permission‚” he said.

Murdered blacks were largely ignored‚ Mgxithama said.

“The murders of black people on farms are not counted. Occasionally people react when white farmers are slain.”


    • You’ve made am excellent point. There are many white squatter camps with desperate fathers all unemployed. Hire these people to work on the farms. They will be very grateful and the unhappy Farm workers can go look for more suitable work where they can’t complain that their retribution needs to be in the form of torture and murder. Surely the small children who are victims don’t need to be punished ??? While we’re at it. Will people stop allowing aliens into South africa without valid jobs and work permits. These umemployed people also kill farmers and many other white families in their homes. No jobs …. stealing and torturing is their modus operandi as well. All white families should only employ white previously unemployed people. It’s safer that way.

  1. Should we take law now in our own hands and start killing for the thousands of white murders, are just a declaration of genocide, contrary to the anc protecting your family is not a criminal offence, since the govt approves of these killings we should defend ourselves.

  2. The problem is that it is not the farmers own workers that are attacking them, it is people who are just out to kill. Lord have mercy on this land and her people, teach us to live side by side, one nation. AMEN.

  3. Black First Land First leader Andile Mgxithama should face prosecution for his narrative…. what is clearly apparent is that zuma and his anc care naught for life, black or white. The suggestion that such gruesome farm murder is retribution is absolute BS, the killers wipe out black and white farmers and labour! What differentiates farm murders from other urban murder is the fact that farms are generally remote and police protection is non-existent. Whether farm murders deserve the notice of the ICC is moot, but nonetheless zuma and the anc is culpable by their act of omission!

  4. It is time all these criminals be brought to justuce…all of them, right from the top. If they are not against them theu are for the, Maybe the criminals know that they will lose voters if they apprehend their comrades. It`s time the world gets to know the truth. Not just the “truth” of a certain, corrupt ruling party, with their lies and deceit.

  5. Yes ..just hire whites..there are many many whites unemployed due to BEE..myself included..and we deserve any job and would appreciate it!!!

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