ANC trio agree that Zuma should have quit ‘long ago’

ANC presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa, SACP Eastern Cape leader Xolile Nqatha and former Fifa referee turned author Ace Ncobo agree that President Jacob Zuma does not have to be found guilty in a court of law to step aside.

The trio were of the sentiment that Zuma should have long fallen on his sword for the various scandals he has been cited in as the head of state including the Nkandla scandal and subsequent Constitutional Court finding against him.

ANC presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa, former Fifa referee turned author Ace Ncobo and ANC’s Zweli Mkhize in East London last night. Picture: ZINGISA MVUMVU

They voiced their opinions during a panel discussion at the book launch of Ncobo’s book titled “The Ten Principles of Philanthropic Leadership” at the Miriam Makeba Centre in East London last night.

The outspoken Nqatha lamented that the “collective responsibility” argument used to shield Zuma was a cover-up because if a child plays outside and brings mud inside a clean house, it was senseless for others who’ve been inside to also take responsibility for a mess they did not create.

This while Ncobo said there was nothing untoward in calling Zuma a thief if the general sentiment among citizens was that he is a thief.

Phosa said the saddest part was that Zuma’s scandals were getting worse by the day the longer he stays in office.

“There must be consequences for wrongdoing and we must punish those who do wrong things. But what are we doing right now, we protect them and we take collective responsibility for doing wrong things,” said Phosa.

“I believe when the ConCourt found that the president (Zuma) has breached his oath of office, he did not need the ANC NEC to tell him to go, he should have stepped down on his own because it was an ethical issue more than a legal issue.”


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