The SACP in the Eastern Cape believes the Cyril Ramaphosa-led newly elected ANC top six is a “potential” opportunity to rid SA of the Guptas and president Zuma.
However, said SACP provincial secretary Xolile Nqatha, the is still risk of “elite packs” with the new top six.

Cyril Ramaphosa

“As the SACP EC, we welcome the outcomes of the national officials of the ANC as announced today as it represents a potential to free the ANC from the capture of the Gupta led parasitic bourgeoisie linked to the President of the Republic,” said Nqatha.

“We view it as a momentory victory but pregnant with the risk of all elite packs. For this reason, let all leaders in the alliance pin their eyes on a new deal coming to the people than a deal for the elite.”


  1. Why do we need to get rid of Guptas and Zuma. I think that before anyone else South Africa needs to get rid of Steinhoff, KPMG, SAP and UK based companies. Who are actually responsible for exploiting South Africa and making us poor.

  2. The ANC has a new president now but what is wrong with this is that it has elected Ramaphosa as its president, which I don’t think is at all a good decision. He is accused of several crimes but haven’t been through any probe yet despite the clear evidences.

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