ANC no longer has leaders but zombies who follow

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma is not a fool. He makes gaffes every week and has no idea what constitutionality means. But he is not a fool.

He might not read –- as has been alleged – but that does not mean he does not know what levers have to be cranked to ensure that he never gets inside a court.

Justice Malala

Since he became the president of the ANC in 2007, he has overseen the most concerted and successful assault on the country’s independent institutions.

The judiciary is today facing a major crisis of confidence because of cases involving him at the Constitutional Court.

The minute he won the ANC presidency in Polokwane, the Scorpions – which had been investigating him – were disbanded. It was quick, cruel and ruthless.

Over the past few months it has been the public protector’s turn. In that time, we have witnessed concerted and coordinated attacks from parliament, the executive and various wings of the ANC on the office led by possibly the most admired “public servant” in the nation today – Thuli Madonsela.

Last week we had the extraordinary sight of our security cluster – which has over the past few weeks made fools of themselves saying all kinds of nonsense about Madonsela – turning on the populace and declaring that publication of pictures of the taxpayer-funded Nkandla monstrosity were illegal and that the full might of the law would come down on those who dared to do so.

All this for one man: Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

The man is not a fool. He has managed to get Africa’s oldest liberation movement to become a tool for his protection.

Whatever he does – whether it is his friends, the Guptas, landing their planes at military key points with impunity or a hideous compound being built for him for R208-million – the man has got the party rushing to do his bidding.

And so one has to ask: Which ANC is this?

How can an organisation that refused to have a personality cult built around Nelson Mandela allow itself to become a mere tool in the hands of Zuma?

How can its leaders cast aside the party’s historical mission – to transform the lives of millions of poor black people and build a united, non-racial, prosperous and democratic country – to simply become gophers for Zuma?

Yet that is what the party’s 86-member national executive committee has become.

ANC MPs are now introducing legislation that is aimed solely at protecting this one man.

Across the land, provincial party leaders hobble state machinery merely to protect and keep this one compromised leader out of jail and in power.

It is an incredible sight.

Once proud leaders who served our nation in exile, in the United Democratic Front and in trade unions now scrape and bow before one man.

The ANC no longer has leaders. It has zombies who mindlessly follow this one leader and do his bidding.

It is quite extraordinary.

What has happened to the culture of debate and contestation that once permeated this movement?

What happened to the pride that made this once great organisation stand up and expel people who muddied its name?

How can this lot walk in the shoes of Albert Luthuli, AP Mda, Anton Lembede, Pixley kaIsaka Seme?

So, as we look at the extraordinary lengths that the current ANC “leadership” has gone to defend an embarrassment of a leader whose entire family seems to be infused by a shocking culture of entitlement – Zuma’s brother, Michael, last week admitted using his name to swing tenders to his benefactors – we have to ask: Where is the ANC?

 TAXING TIMES: President Jacob Zuma at the ANC Manisfesto Forum on October 21, 2013 at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa. The e-Toll system formed the forum's main debate. President Zuma tried to justify e-tolling saying it was needed for the economy as Johannesburg is the economic capital of the country Picture: GALLO IMAGES
JACOB Jacob Zuma

The answer is heartbreaking: The ANC is compromised; it is lost.

It has lost its moral compass and its leadership of society.

The man at its head is a reflection of what the party is: ill-disciplined, compromised and unprincipled.

The desperation one sees among the ANC’s leaders is a reflection of this. When a man as widely admired as Cyril Ramaphosa has no other argument to convince a voter to still support the ANC than “the Boers will return”, then you know that this is a movement that is both intellectually and morally bankrupt. The emperor and his lieutenants have no clothes.

And so we will remember the reign of Zuma. We will remember it not for its achievements but for the cowardice, callowness and bankruptcy of the leadership that he brought with him. We will remember his lackeys for their bowing and scraping and their destruction of the continent’s greatest liberation movement. What an ignominious end for the party of Mandela.

Justice Malala is a political commentator


  1. I do’nt think that Mr Malala’s comment is fair when he said the ANC leadership is a bunch of zombies thats not humanity and lack of decipline to him.
    I know one can criticise anything that does’nt suit him but you must insult other people(we need constructive criticism). But I’m not surprised the way Justice is talking about the ANC he is Julius’s man.

    • Maliwa, how much as this leadership done to alleviate poverty at grassroots level, in the past 10 years? How fat have they become? How much have they filled their coffers and those of their friends, at the cost of taxpayers who are struggling to feed their own families?

      Some constructive criticism of this so-called leadership: stop disbanding the very organizations with the ability to expunge corruption and save our leadership from itself; stop destroying our education from the inside; stop thinking of your bank account before the people who voted you in, hoping that you would follow in the huge footsteps of the real struggle heroes.

  2. This is a sensitive issue but truth must be told. We are talking about taxpayers money here. We need to think about the future of our children and the generations to come. I know other people put their political parties before the country. they become so defensive even if there is no place to hide. I feel pity for you Maliwa but truth cannot be presented otherwise to suit you. If you are a taxpayer or committed to the development of your country, South African, not a political party you will agree with me that truth must be told at all times. These ppl that some of us are defending care less about the poor and working class.

  3. The new Infrastructure Bill will give him the power to expropriate land.
    I can’t fault the man, he’s doing his best, but everyone else (the voters & party that put him there) It’s your fault – told you so.

  4. This is true, ANC is bzy protecting number1 hiding all the truth & compromising our justice system. Its wes when it comes to Public Protector

  5. I am wondering as to what prompted Justice’s naive political opion against the ANC.. In fact you really sound like an opportunist ; just leave the ANC alone and find comfort in your own ‘perfect’ political party… The freedom of speech is taking its rounds on you…
    Vincent, whether you like it or not land expropriation will still remain the order of the day as long as the farm owners are not willing to release land for development.
    For your information land expropriation has long came into effect even before the new Infrastructure Bill.
    Justice is a true analyst and a destructive critic, what does he recommends going forward, yheeee !

    • Naive, opportunist? Don’t you think this is long overdue. Zuma in effect killed off the black intellectuals. They are now, sir , sorely needed to bring some order back.

      Way forward;
      Well for starters the ruling party can oust its absolutely corrupt chief & then have an introspective purge on his corrupted inner circle. The zombies can then decide if the party is worth salvaging or migrate to other pastures.
      About the land issue…do you think you have the answer to feed the nation?

      • The eyes of the world were on S.A. on 10 December 2013 at FNB stadium. I witnessed a disrespectful crowd booing the president of a country. The other presidents of various countries were cheered. Was the booing only an isolated case, or is this really how the people of S.A. feel? The next election will tell is.
        On the land issue, if one has to be fair, belongs to the people who were here long before Europeans arrived – the Koi en later the Koisan who roamed the country, and left us a part of their history on rock engravings.
        They now have to be satisfied with worthless land in the middle of nowhere, much like the American Indian who lives in reservations. Excuse me, but is this not apartheid?

        The land has to provide food for all, and land expropriation is not the way to go – we only have to look north of our border to see the mess. Once fertile land who gave work to thousands and fed a nation, now stands devoid of agricutural activity and thousands of it’s inhabitants fled to S.A. for survival.
        Where will S.A. inhabitants flee to when land expropriation took effect and there is no more food on the table? Land can be bought or stolen, divided it into 1000 plots and handed to the people, and the govt. will be sure of 1000 votes.

        Yes, the govt. will win a few votes by promises of land expropriation, but in the no so long run, everyone will suffer.

  6. I technically disagree with the analysis that, the ANC no longer has leaders but zombies who follow. The actual truth is that now the acronyms stand for the Alliance of Notorious Criminal, what I mean by that in order to be an ANC leader one needs to be a ruthless criminal whose intention is solely to loot, lie and steal from the tax payers. Before you dispute this fact, tell me what happened to the former BCM mayor who plundered rates payers money (Rewarded with a BCM ANC chairpersonship and she is now a member of parliament). A similar story could be said about the former NMMM mayor, look at who became the Eastern Cape MEC of Agriculture after what she did as a mayor of her District municipality. The Eastern Cape social development MEC with her travel scandal and her other skeletons; the former communication minister and all illegal activities she was involved; the insult to ANC voters instituted by the minister of Public Works through the Nkadla upgrade; I can go on for ever. The point I am trying to make is that everyone who is currently an ANC leader in all three levels of government is a criminal who benefit from this corruption, even branch and youth leaders do get the breadcrumbs in the form of government tenders, hence it prevail and they protect number One. The notion is as long as the chief thief is there we will continue to steal and deceive our continuance, beside they are ignorant and use to being poor.

  7. thats a fact mKhonto, at St Patricks you were more of an actor not a politician, leaders they come and go bt the party will remain, ANC is the oldest party that took us as indians and Black people out of the apartheid system, before we can loose hope on the ANC lets reflect back and count what is has done for us since its establishement up to date. Zuma is not ANC.

  8. Do you know that Facebook will not post the link to this article and says the site is is a problem? Is there a gag order from the ANC at work here?

  9. Justice, dear Justice — watch your back!!! Watch what you eat and watch strangers that come in too close… just be OH SO ALERT all the time. You are a true diamond and a man of great courage. We are very proud of you and the way you are defending the TRUTH make us feel you are saying all we are saying, but with the difference that your voice will be heard, while our small ones can only be heard through petitions and that is where People Power is to be found. So yes, we support you and will fight with you to the end. Unfortunately there are so many unsolved, suspicious political murders in our country… so just take care and be extremely aware.

    The worst Evil is besetting our country and yes, we all need to stand together to route it out. It is clear that TPTB have lost sight of the fact, that it is the People who employ them and that they are expendable. God alone knows, when there was an almighty struggle to free South Africa from the horrors of Apartheid, who would have thought that the organization led by Madiba could within less than 20 years have become so corrupt, debauched and greedy, that so many of it’s members care only to enrich themselves by blatantly robbing government coffers — money which belongs to it’s people? It makes one feel sick to the soul.

  10. This is to MBAKO and all the others with the same mindset as his :
    So “…..farmland must be released to provide for development.”
    Development of what ? Houses for Lord Almighty Zuma to build great mansions for his many “wives” (how many more will there be ?) …. ???
    And after this “development” what do you think your millions of hungry Black children and all the other millions of hungry mouths in this dying country will find in the way of food ? !

    Be realistic, and don’t think with your arse……

    The Chinese want the farmland to replace their farms that were turned into factories….
    This country is being sold out to the Chinese.

    Ibn case you are unaware of it, the ANC is responsible for the unemployment and hardships facing the population of this country :

    They permitted the Trade Unions to strike each year for higher salaries, until the cost of producing became so high it was cheaper for the businessman to import crap from China – and this in turn put even more business out of business …..

    The Rand will soon be as worthless as the Zinbabwe Dollar, and thanks to mindless millions whom support an IDEOLOGY and not PRACTICAL SENSE !!!!!

    Suffer well, my “friend”, just bear in mind that APARTHEID died Twenty-two Years ago, but has not yet been buried because it serves your Masters well as a tool to blind you and your misguided cronies to the manner in which the ANC is robbing this country.

    Notice that there are no documentaries about the atrocities of the ANC , but there are daily reminders about Apartheid….

    Happy Starvation !

  11. I also think there must be a disinction made between the anc and government. There are many good anc branches, with good people, but many public servants who turn into patrimonial leaders because of red tape and tenders. And too many provincial party politicians who allow for no local government independence. Zuma is not the problem, although he is a bad boy!

  12. Anc is a sellout at codesa,that’s all I’m gonna say about it!I don’t trust any political party but only that used to be of L.M.Mangope,pity it’s no more as he is.Politicians are hypocrites if you ask me

  13. Its inevitable…..they have raped state coffers since the day the took over power. Now that there is nothing left to stteal they will come after the white man. Its the african way, “law of the Jungle”, the strongest survive, not the wisest. The ANC wants all and ultimate power so they can plunder at will. The Western Cape is the best run province by a long distance, if they were responsible caring South Africans they would let it be and be happy that at least one province is well run, but alas,they want it all to bring it down to the lowest common denominator, namely destruction and poverty. They HAVE NOT LEARNT FROM THE REST OF AFRICA, it incredible how naive they are. Africans must remember once they have destroyed South Africa there is nowhere to run but innto the sea, there are no most so called “colonies” left is africa to plunder.

  14. This is a harsh reality of current South African politics. We have to ask ourselves; Is there a bizzarre simily between this leader and the leader of the failed state directly bordering ours to the North?

  15. A country with such enormous potential it is truly sad. One has to wonder whether there is any hope or will we be like the rest of Africa – poverty stricken? Why does the ANC never ever “raise the bar” only lower it? Private individuals and private companies are expected to do what the government aught to be doing – work and listen to it’s people.

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