Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry calls for Zuma and his cabinet to go

President Jacob Zuma and his cabinet must go‚ says the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The chamber called for a national general election “as soon as possible” on Monday.

The call for a resounding vote of no confidence in Zuma’s leadership of the country was the main point in a resolution adopted at the chamber’s 213th annual general meeting.

President Jacob Zuma Picture: FILE

“Ever since Mr Zuma was elected to the office of the President of the Republic of South Africa‚ our country has lurched from one crisis to another‚” said a preamble to the resolution.

“Endemic corruption‚ mismanagement of government departments‚ policy confusion‚ polarisation of communities‚ social dislocation and rampant violent crimes are the order of the day.”

President of the chamber‚ Janine Myburgh‚ said the resolution was an indication of how strongly business felt.

Business is concerned at the low rate of economic growth‚ far below that needed to meet the requirements of the National Development Plan and its objectives‚ such as reducing poverty and unemployment.

The common denominator in the political‚ socio-economic crisis facing the country was a “lack of transparent‚ honest and accountable leadership“‚ said the chamber.