Nelson Mandela Museum Board chairwoman Andiswa Vikilahle with Campbell Mnyhila Junior Primary pupils Akhanani Tshijila, 8,and Axole Ndingaye.
Image: Sino Majangaza

As part of celebrating the centenary of struggle icons Albertina Sisulu and Nelson Mandela, the Nelson Mandela Museum donated games, chairs and tables to Campbell Myhila Junior Primary School in Tsomo yesterday.

The school is in Sisulu’s Mnyhila village. Museum chairwoman Andiswa Vikilahle said they chose to contribute to the betterment of education because Sisulu and Mandela were passionate about it.

“We want to motivate children of this village to value education and create a conducive environment,” she said.

“Our wish is for the place [Mnyhila] to produce more Sisulus who would contribute in the development and advancement of the country, but that could be achieved through education.”

" We want to motivate children of this village to value education and create a conducive environment. "

She said during the visit at the school they noticed a dire shortage of classrooms and staff.

“We will be in touch with our partners with the purpose of building more classrooms for the school. The situation is not up to standard,” she said.

School principal Siphiwo Ntshewula said he was happy with the donation.

“We did not have enough furniture for Grade R pupils, others were sitting on the floor. This has come as a relief.”

School governing body deputy chairman Mawethu Ndingaye said: “This will encourage other parents to bring their children here. The challenge we have is that some parents do not want to bring their children to this school because of its conditions.”

Grade R pupil Emihle Mabetshe was excited about the donation.

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