In Loving Memory: ASHLEY, COLLINS (B.Sc, MBA)

ASHLEY COLLINS 13 June 2019 Classifieds

In Loving Memory


Our darling Ashley it is now eleven years on 13th June, 2008, that you were tragically shot dead outside your home on the farm.

We miss you so much. Life has not been the same without you and we long to see you again. You were a gentle giant with big broad shoulders and strong arms and yet so kind and gentle and a pure gentleman. Not only were you our son but you were our sun and you made life so bright and colorful for us. God loaned you to us for 37 precious years and we are grateful for all the memories - our chats together, holidays, braais, phone calls, endearing sms’s, kind deeds and thoughts.

You treated us, your parents, with such love and respect.

What an honor to be your parents.

Ash Bash you were a man after God’s own heart and you lived by the principles of the Bible. You loved the Lord, your wife, Karen , children, Thomas and Emma and your family with all your heart. You affectionately played with and devotedly fathered your children.

We believe Ash when you arrived home you were met with the words: Well done thou good and faithful servant enter thou into the joy of thy Lord - Matthew Chapter 25 verse 21. We know with assurance we will see you again. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians Chapter 5 verse 8 - absent with the body and present with the Lord. Life after death has become so real to us since you left. We know with assurance that we will see you again and for eternity because Jesus is coming again to fetch all those that have asked for forgiveness and asked Him to be Lord of their lives. God has been with us, we can face the future and we now wait for that day of reunion when we will embrace you and see you and Jesus face to face.

You are lovingly remembered and sadly missed by your parents, Clive and Pat Collins and all your family.