If you can’t fix it, just palm it off onto another ministry

News that Eskom may be moved from the ministry of public enterprises into the ministry of energy is puzzling


LIAM DEL CARME | CSA is limping along with no direction or firm ...

There is a lot at stake surrounding Saturday’s AGM but don’t expect any hard and fast outcomes


Don’t give me fake ideological crud, give me heart

Today I got out of bed on the wrong side. No actually I fell out of bed. Rolled, a cup gave my ear a PK (proper klap), sent chopped ginger, lemon ...


Careless venting can sabotage your marriage

Marriage is hard work. And sometimes we all need an outlet to talk about struggles in our marriage. But who you talk to about your marriage could in fact be an act of sabotage for your marriage instead of helping it.

‘Bay’s instability will further dishearten investors’

Violent disruptions to commerce and industry, a crippling drought and intermittent  protests are severely hampering ...


Zuma takes one step closer to jail

The former president has been given yet another opportunity to be heard, but he clearly doesn’t want that


As vaccines are tested for safety, maintain Covid safety protocols

For the second time, South Africa has been caught flat-footed in its attempts at vaccinating sufficient numbers of ...


If you loved it the first time around, chase that feeling again

Whether you reread for comfort or any other reason, ‘there’s no friend as loyal as a book’


As long as jabs aren’t from the West, they’re fine for the EFF

The EFF thinks we should get vaccines from Russia and China because they are ‘of better efficacy’. Really?!


Pirates coach must Buc up, or they’ll never match Sundowns

By admitting Sundowns are favourites for Thursday’s clash, Josef Zinnbauer has undermined his team’s confidence


SADC is fiddling while Moz burns. It’s a disgrace

The people of the Cabo Delgado region in Mozambique need security, food and medicine, not more meetings


This is why Hitler-hailing attention seekers are so dangerous in South Africa

Mcebo Dlamini and Lwazi Lushaba knew exactly what they were doing, and progressives must unequivocally reject them


How African economies can guard against future shocks

Innovative financial regulations, digital payment and ID infrastructure support and a focus on women are needed


Let Schoenmaker stroke away tide that washed over her predecessors

Until Sydney 2000, SA’s women swimmers surpassed the country’s men, yet their feats have been forgotten


TONY LEON | This is what I really meant when I called Maimane an ‘experiment’

Those outraged over my reference to Mmusi Maimane as ‘an experiment that went wrong’ have selective memory syndrome


When all else fails, rely on intuition when making tricky trading decisions

An intuitive approach — based on experience and an innate ability to sense what’s going on — can help with solving ...


The good, bad and ugly of social media revelations

It’s better to know Jesus was a dark-skinned Mideasterner rather than Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees


The tests ahead for a sustainable recovery

Success in the vaccination programme is the most pressing need


Global recovery will bypass South Africa if reforms are not expedited

The country needs private sector involvement to achieve a green, digital future