Zodwa Wabantu opens mortuary & undertaker services company

If you've lost a loved one, Zodwa Wabantu can be of service.
If you've lost a loved one, Zodwa Wabantu can be of service.
Image: Instagram/Zodwa Wabantu

Socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu has broadened her business horizons by opening a mortuary and funeral services company.

Though she may be a popular socialite and entertainer, Zodwa has proven that she is a businesswoman of note and a jack of all trades.

Taking to social media, the star announced the opening of Zodwa Wabantu's Undertakers Mortuary

Revealing the reason behind the move, the star said it's all part of her goals to cement herself as a businesswoman of note.

“When I think of living a lavish lifestyle, I think of businesses to build, all are in my name: registering, building, making mistakes, failing, trying again. I won’t stop,” she wrote.

The announcement piqued the interest of many of the star's fans. Many praised her for making the move, saying Zodwa was business savvy for dipping her toes in various disciplines.

“Power of the SA black woman, anything is possible,” wrote one user.

Zodwa has also ventured into the poultry business. Earlier this year, the star announced that she would be selling eggs and chickens. Fellow celebs showed their support for the star's chicken business, including radio host Dineo Ranaka and The Queen star Ntando Duma.

Taking to her Instagram, Zodwa thanked her fellow celebs and friends for supporting her while she was trying to build up her business.

“So much support from my friend Ntando Duma. She bought 4 trays of Zodwa Wabantu eggs. Ngiyabonga kakhulu. Ntando Duma, I love you,” she wrote in one post.