Gqubule is founding director at the Centre for Economic Development and Transformation.

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SA has a GDP growth hurdle, not a debt problem

Austerity policies will raise debt from a level that is still low compared to the country’s peers, writes Duma Gqubule


Time for quotas to chisel away rock of institutional racism

New report shows private sector has made little or no progress with employment equity in a decade


SA relies on lockdown and austerity, with nothing to show for it

We are proof there is no relationship between their severity and their success in controlling the pandemic


DUMA GQUBULE | Give SA more than just reform gimmicks, Ramaphosa

The president’s raising of the power licensing threshold will add only 0.5% to GDP


Time and again it’s workers who bear the brunt of state ineptitude

They are not the source of SA’s economic woes, yet the public service wage bill is always targeted


A basic income grant should form part of economic strategy for a depression

A dignity floor is needed, below which no-one should fall during global crises