Jennifer Platt Sunday Times Book Editor

JENNIFER PLATT | Have Netflix and Roald Dahl company missed a beat?

The two are focusing on his children’s stories. Perhaps they should have set their sights on his adult offerings


After some odd choices, this year’s Nobel winner is deserving

Abdulrazak Gurnah is the first black African author to have won the award since Nigeria’s Wole Soyinka in 1986


So which authors do you book time with when you’re on the move?

I might forget my clothes, but never a thriller, memoir or, if I have little energy, collection of short stories


Frankly, that’s a monstrous amount of money

One of the first 500 copies of ‘Frankenstein’, printed in 1818, has broken an auction record


For killer snack-attack reads, Kellerman’s your man

It seems there’s no stopping the author. He’s been writing for 36 years and a new book is in the pipeline


Do you fancy it quick or long and slow?

For various reasons, some books take longer to read than others, so why not test your speed?


So many big books, beach reads, autobiographies ... so little time

Many excellent books are being published next month, making it very difficult to choose when time is limited


Be a cheug if you must, but lay off the cauliflower

If you’re a so-last-year colouring-in book type, it’s OK, help is at hand in the form of ... a colouring-in book


Wouldn’t it be nice to realise these types of dreams?

Many books have come to authors in their sleep, but unlike most folk, they have the talent to turn them into reality


Is it possible to have a favourite book of all time?

People ask this all the time and it’s difficult to answer, but there is one novel that will always be a go-to for me