This is uncharted territory for everyone, including you

While doctors, ethicists and politicians feel their way, individuals need to listen or bear the consequences too


Let’s use our unity to end the other plagues ravaging South Africa

Every life is noteworthy, so we need keep solidarity alive in the battle against our nation’s many other ills


It will take a village to send our children back to school

Let’s stop complaining about empty promises and roll up our sleeves to help our kids get back into classrooms


Ramaphosa hamstrung as cabinet hacks virus message

The goodwill of the people is fast being eroded by ministers who undo all the positive momentum


OPINION | Africa’s Covid-19 fight is making a world of difference

Dubious responses notwithstanding, the continent’s low infection rate points to its capability and expertise


Suddenly we aren’t Covid-ready. We need to act fast

In this dark cloud called Covid-19 that hangs over our heads, the one sliver of light peaking through the gloom was ...


EDITORIAL | There are 19 ways to lie, but truth never dies

There’s a difference between misinformation and disinformation, but it’s only a matter of degree

School News

Motshekga must talk to South Africa’s parents. Now

Education minister has many problems, but her address to the nation on reopening schools can be delayed no longer


Clothes maketh the mania. We’re now a nanny state

All the good work done by the government to fight the pandemic will be undone by a raft of over-regulation


Mindless tweets tell fake stories about journalists

In the developing story of Covid-19, they strive to report the facts, not hoodwink readers or push an agenda