EDITORIAL | Grant Zuma’s wish and arrest him or South Africa will face a constitutional ...

The decision by former president Jacob Zuma to defy an order of the highest court in the country for him to appear ...


Five, four, three, two, one, lift-off for travel! But beware

SA’s borders are open for travel, but without training, diligence and competence, we could be grounded again


This is what genocide looks like. It must be stopped

A video of soldiers emptying their rifles into a naked woman in Mozambique shows the psychopathy of war


Let unscrupulous funeral service providers RIP

Mock funerals, heated arguments and a few altercations marked day one of a national three-day protest by some black ...


Cyril’s legacy hinges on undoing the vast PPE plunder

or years, corruption has been a serious problem in South Africa, but the speed and dexterity with which Covid-19 funds ...


Government eager to tackle booze, but not sex monsters

The seven years it wasted on the RAF bill could have been focused on dealing with child killers and rapists


Without backing, Ramaphosa may become accused no 1

This weekend’s anti-corruption meeting looks set to be a bunfight that could cost the president his position


Time is running out, so get to it, education department

Get safety measures in place pronto so the children you claim to educate can get the education they deserve


DA’s shoulder shrug over errant MP is a bit rich

The saga of Tsepo Mhlongo and the DA’s reaction is a lesson in how to take a bite of humble pie and miss


The cops’ apartheid-thug mindset thrives in lockdown

Abetted by the army and the state’s oppressive, paternalistic rules, this savagery needs a Covid ‘reset’