Tony Leon Columnist

Leon is a former leader of the Democratic Alliance


Clicks’s naïve bid to right a wrong merely gave the EFF thugs more power

Its concessions in the hair row mean violent extremists can veto the rights of peaceful commerce in SA


South Africa may not be booming like Rwanda, but at least we haven’t got a dictator

Rwanda poses an interesting dilemma: there’s much to admire and much to condemn. Will SA do the right thing?


If South Africa is outdone by Bibi and Trump, we must be in dire domestic straits

Our wearying approach to Israel and Zimbabwe points to a poverty of foreign policy imagination


Lacking courage to tackle South Africa’s disasters, Cyril’s credibility crumbles

Unlike Churchill, the exemplar of political bravery, our president skirts the pressing issues, playing it safe


Malawi’s triumph for democracy gives a cheerless world reason to take heart

Lazarus Chakwera’s victory reignites hope that the fortunes of the ‘warm heart of Africa’ can be reversed


South Africa ignored warnings about its debt crisis. Now you and I will pay dearly

After squandering our fiscal inheritance from a decade back we face an unprecedented financial crisis with no firepower


The racial slant in Cyril’s Floyd-Biko parallel reveals his true colours

His damning silence on the killing of 11 blacks by SA police and army strips away his ideological camouflage


The clunking government fist on corona echoes Stalin’s Soviet Union

Shutting out citizen input, science fakery, academic witch-hunts. It’s sounding very pre-1950s Russia


TONY LEON: When it’s over, we want all our rights back, Cyril

Remember the Nats’ ‘temporary’ detention law? Today’s crisis measures must not become permanent


TONY LEON: Getting sick from Covid-19 might help us bin political fantasies

The more stringent the public health response, the worse the economic effects as our world contracts