Rhodes VC, staff join march to demand release of arrested students

Another student was arrested at Rhodes University this afternoon as the fees protests continued nationwide.

 The student was among a group of about 400 students and university staff who marched to the police station to demand the release of the 10 students arrested last night.

The university’s vice-chancellor Dr Sizwe Mabizela was part of the march and tried to negotiate with the police on behalf of his students and staff.

 They first gathered at the Nehawu offices on campus to find out the union's stance on police actions last night. The union is threatened a stay away amid claims of police brutality.

 The situation has been tense throughout as police followed the protesting students around as they wanted to meet with Mabizela to discuss last night's incidents by police.

 Violence broke out with some students breaking water containers while others ripped down paintings with masks in the council chamber where they thought Mabizela was. One student was arrested.  

 When they finally found Mabizela, they pleaded with him to address them. The VC negotiated with the police to allow them to march. The ultimately went to the police station where the VC, attorney Basil Williams and some students went into the police station to demand the release of the students.

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