Woolworths under fire on Twitter amid suspicions about its Enterprise product recall

The Twitter community has come out with guns blazing – demanding answers from Woolworths amid suspicions that the retailer has been repackaging ready-to-eat meat products from Enterprise Foods and then charging exorbitant prices for them.

Polony and a list of other Enterprise products from its Polokwane and Germiston factories were identified as the source of the world’s largest outbreak of listeriosis by the Department of Health.

After the announcement‚ Woolworths has decided to recall any ready-to-eat meat products linked to Enterprise and to refund customers.



Spokesperson for Woolworths Kirsten Hewett refuted claims that the establishment charged exorbitant prices or repackaged products from Enterprise which were found to be the source of the fatal disease.



“We do not stock any Enterprise products. Woolworths’ range of sliced and processed meats is strictly made to our own unique formulations and recipes. The raw materials‚ formulations and processes used in the production of our products are clearly specified by Woolworths and are required to adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety‚” Hewett said.

She said that in addition to regular visits by food technologists‚ independent audits validate all processes.

“Woolworths ready-to-eat products are sliced and packed in a dedicated production facility within Enterprise Polokwane and Germiston.

“Microbiological testing is done on a daily basis according to strict Woolworths protocol. In addition independent routine product testing is done within our stores and is submitted to an external lab for analysis‚“ said Hewett.

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