Good Samaritan lends helping hand to amputee

Double amputee Joyce Mkhosana at the family home in NU10, Mdanstane
Double amputee Joyce Mkhosana at the family home in NU10, Mdanstane
Image: Mark Andrews

A good Samaritan is on a mission to raise funds to buy prosthetic legs for a double amputee Mdantsane woman. Her legs were amputated because of diabetes.

In 2009, Joyce Mkhosana noticed a cut under her toes which resembled athlete’s foot and went to the chemist.

“I thought nothing of it until I saw large veins protruding from the back of my left leg and my leg got sore. I went to the chemist and later the clinic where I was referred to the hospital.

“At the hospital, I was examined by a doctor who told me my leg had to be amputated because the poison had spread from toes to the top of my leg,” Mkhosana said.

Her leg was amputated around the calf. She bought herself a prosthetic leg for R21000.

At the end of 2012, she found what looked like a pimple between her toes.

Mkhosana cried when she explained that when she went to the hospital, doctors told her they would need to amputate the second leg too.

“I refused. The doctors discharged me because I was not giving them consent to amputate. The pain was unbearable. I returned to the hospital,” she said.

She went into theatre during the first week of January 2013. She spent the rest of the month in hospital and was discharged a month later.

She has a wheelchair which she cannot use because there are stairs leading up to her NU14 home and into a number of rooms inside her home.

Mkhosana said she does not have the money to buy herself a second leg. She said orthotics and prosthetics specialists Bolton & Associates have quoted her R80000 for two legs because the leg she has is outdated and they would need to make both legs for her.

The good Samaritan, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she was simply exercising ubuntu when she decided to help the woman raise funds.

“My belief is that God placed us on earth to help each other,” she said.

The money raised is going straight to the account of Bolton & Associates. Gary Bolton of Bolton & Associates said anyone interested in helping Mkhosana can contact their office for account details on 043-722-5624.