Ford should focus on cause of fires - family of Kuga owner who died

The charred remains of a Fork Kuga that caught alight on a freeway in KwaZulu-Natal last week. Image: Sissy Mkhwanazi via Facebook

Speaking outside the high court in Cape Town on Monday‚ after a bruising legal wrangle at the start of the inquest into her brother's death‚ Renisha Jimmy said they would not allow his image to be tarnished.

She told TimesLIVE that the family was happy with Judge Robert Henney's decision to postpone the inquest until March.

Henney‚ in ordering the postponement‚ grilled both state prosecutor Anthony Stephen and Ford's lawyer‚ Andre Bezuidenhout‚ after allegations emerged that they had failed to inform Jimmy's lawyer‚ Gerrie Nel‚ of an agreement to postpone the inquest or share important forensic reports with him.

Jimmy said they believed that the judge had been fair.

"We are glad that a final date for the proceedings to begin has been set down. The date is now cast in stone."

On Bezuidenhout's claims that her brother may have been killed after an altercation‚ and that witnesses had heard explosions or gunshots shortly before his car caught fire‚ she described them as rubbish.

"Ford should rather focus on the cause of the fires than creating dust and tarnishing Reshall's reputation. As a family we need to remain strong and remember Reshall for who he was. We won't allow Ford to create doubt in our minds about the amazing human being that Reshall was."

She said the family was extremely confident in the case that had been presented by Nel and his team.

"We left the court feeling even more confident today that justice will prevail."

Source: TMG Digital.