WATCH | Dudu Zuma-Sambudla congratulates EFF on its eighth anniversary

Former president Jacob Zuma and his daughter Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla. File photo.
Former president Jacob Zuma and his daughter Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla. File photo.
Image: Dudu Zuma-Sambudla/Twitter

“We may wear different colours, but we are not enemies. Political tolerance is the central tenet in a democracy.”

This is a message conveyed by Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, daughter of former president Jacob Zuma, to the EFF on its eighth anniversary on Monday.

In a video shared on Twitter, Zuma-Sambudla congratulated the red berets on their political success since the party was founded in 2013.

“We see your reach, we see your support, we see your commitment for black people and if you are for black people, you are a friend of mine. If you are for the return of our land, you are a friend of mine. If you are for nationalisation, you are a friend of mine,” she said. 

EFF leader Julius Malema reflected on the party's success, claimed it is the fastest-growing political party in the country and has influenced calls for economic freedom across the continent.

He was addressing a virtual celebration of the eighth anniversary on Monday. 

Here in SA, we can confidently celebrate the fact that the formation of the EFF eight years ago has changed the social, economic, and political landscape, and it will never be the same. Millions of activists have responded to the clarion call for economic emancipation.

“Today, the EFF is [the] fastest-growing political movement, both qualitative and quantitative with a clear programme of action. We have brought young people to politics of programme and activism, instead of politics of careerism and patronage,” said Malema, who also reflected on the increase in votes for the party over the years.

Malema also reflected on the recent unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng and dismissed as a lie the declaration by President Cyril Ramaphosa that the demonstrations were an insurrection.

He said they demonstrated people's dissatisfaction with the government and called on Ramaphosa to address the public and commit to a solution without law enforcement.

EFF leader Julius Malema celebrated the EFF's eighth birthday with a virtual event. Malema used the platform to celebrate his party's growth and talk on various topics that he wanted to get across, such as GBV, the CR17 files and land expropriation without compensation.