WATCH | Rosemary Ndlovu's sister break downs over 'killer cop' who allegedly tried to kill her and her kids

An emotional interview with alleged killer cop Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu's sister saw the mother of five break down in tears as she spoke about her sister and the charges of multiple murders brought against her. 

I don’t trust anyone any more,” said Joyce Ndlovu sitting in her small home in Bushbuckridge with one of her five young children on her lap.

Rosemary Ndlovu stands accused of attempting to murder Joyce and Joyce's five young children for a life insurance payout.

The sisters grew up together and Joyce says Rosemary was a “jokester” and they loved each other until she “suddenly changed”.

“I am not afraid of anything since she is in jail now. I was afraid back then but not now. And if she has a good heart, she will change from behind bars,” said Joyce.

SA was shocked when the allegations against the former Thembisa police officer Rosemary came to light.

TimesLIVE video released undercover footage allegedly showing Ndlovu telling an undercover cop how to kill her sister and her five children by setting the house alight while they were sleeping inside.

The state has alleged that Rosemary has killed five relatives and her boyfriend after she took out insurance policies on their lives. She is alleged to have benefited R1.5m from their deaths from 2012 to 2018.

The case has been playing out live in the media, and was on Joyce's TV when TimesLIVE arrived at her home.

When asked how Joyce felt when she saw her sister in court, she said: “I felt OK because she did this to herself. No-one sent her or forced her to do this.

“On what kind of sentence she receives, that will be determined by the court, because I cannot decide on that. Right now, this thing will show up in newspapers and she will know what it is I have said. Maybe that will touch her and somehow lead to her changing her ways.”

Joyce weighed in on their mother testifying in the Palm Ridge high court.

“She was not supposed to go there and take any sides. She was supposed to go there and speak well and not defend her. She gave birth to her but she never birthed her heart and personality, and she never knows what happens in a person’s mind. The way she went about it showed she loves Rosemary.”

When asked if she still loves her sister, Joyce responded, “Yes”. However, she said she would not visit her if she is convicted of the crimes against her and serves time in jail.