Seeking to defend our Christian legacy in SA

THE new Kingdom Governance Movement (KGM) is inspired by the Holy Spirit to mobilise the people of South Africa to be directly involved in prophetic kingdom politics to transform the current situation in South Africa, where the new age movement has succeeded in consuming the country into its web of secular humanist religio-politics.

Generally, believers are reluctant to be involved in current secular humanist politics as they regard this as the politics of the devil. KGM however, believes people were created to govern the affairs of the nations of the earth according to the will and purposes of God and were given a prophetic kingdom mandate to rule, govern, reign and manage governance and development of the nations.

Historically, God’s vision and mission of governance of the earth was twisted and integrated into a humanist religious system spearheaded by Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire.

This was challenged by a new revolutionary kingdom movement, the Reformation, that gave birth to ethical democracy based on biblical values and principles in the protestant nations and later all over the world.

Later, however, this revolutionary kingdom movement was infiltrated, neutralised and integrated into the one world government religious system driven by the new age movement.

But God is once again raising up His sons and daughters, to restore the Kingdom of God on earth, together with its kingdom inheritance.

KGM is therefore consciously and deliberately reinstating the original vision and mission of the Kingdom of God on earth, based on God’s will and purpose for his kingdom.

The birth of democracy in the 20th century was trapped within the philosophies and global religio-political system driven through the United Nations (UN). Its influence has not spared the South African government under the ANC.

As the ruling party, the ANC has been subjected to and succumbed to the pressures of the new age movement subtly driven internally by some agents within government, purposefully and deliberately, in order to enhance the global anti-Christ agenda in our country.

It is important that reference is made to the fact that the ANC as a political organisation was founded on Christian values and principles.

These are enshrined in the Freedom Charter. Yet the ANC in government has become the direct opposite of it’s founding Godly values and principles.

The implementation of new ager Alice Bailey’s Ten Point Plan by the ANC government was not a conscious mandate by those in the ANC outside government, in terms of their resolutions and manifestos. But we are seeing this happening before our very eyes.

For example, taking God and prayer out of the education system, reducing parental authority over children, destroying the Judeo-Christian family structure, making abortion legal and easy, making divorce easy, making homosexuality an alternative lifestyle, debasing art, using the media to promote new age culture, creating an inter-faith movement, getting government to make these laws and the church to endorse them.

The question therefore is, if these are not the values of ANC members outside government, who is subtly pushing the anti-Christ agenda within government.

If one looks at the history of the liberation movement, Christian values were the foundation of the ANC. The adoption of Nkosi Sikelel’i Afrika is evidence of this. Unfortunately we allowed our spiritual enemy to disarm South Africa by removing the verse inviting the Holy Spirit to come down and revive us.

How did this happen? The citizens of the Kingdom of God were slumbering while the luciferic new age movement was subtly influencing and infiltrating our glorious movement into an agent of the new age movement.

Over the years, the ANC in government has gradually internalised and even mastered the concepts and philosophies of the new age movement.

But many ordinary members of the ANC, especially Christians, are increasingly shocked to discover that their own organisation is facilitating the implementation of these ungodly values.

When it comes to the constitution, our problem with it is that it has failed to strike a perfect balance between human rights and values, principles and responsibilities. We believe that God is the source of both absolute values and inalienable human rights – that is why these need to be balanced. While we do not believe in criminalising something like homosexuality for example, we do not believe it should be treated as righteousness through legislation.

Therefore, as the KGM, we are proposing a charter of shared values which seek to address the imbalance in the constitution and must be passed by parliament.

The KGM is in the process of registering as a political party through the Independent Electoral Commission. We stand and proclaim that the domain of politics belongs to the Kingdom of God to advance peace, righteousness and justice.

We are committed to occupying the political realm for the glory of God.

It is our desire and our plea to the ruling party and all other political parties that they embrace the vision and mission of advancing the Kingdom of God on earth. We are open to working with others, irrespective of their political affiliation, who are similarly kingdom- minded.

This not about the ANC, or any individuals in particular, but about consciously and deliberately rejecting the cancerous and demonic invasion of our beloved country, South Africa by the global anti-Christ system, led by the new age movement.

Failure to take decisive action in this regard will inevitably render our country as part of the global anti-Christ system.

Mkhangeli Matomela is the convener of the KGM and a former ANC MEC and speaker of the Bhisho legislature


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