Tigers goal simply to win place in top league

Future Tigers aim to secure promotion to the National First Division as they begin their ABC Motsepe League campaign, after having finished in second place last season.

Tigers coach Asanda Mvalo said all the team wanted in this round was to climb to the number one spot and reach the playoffs.

“As a coach, where I come in, I always want to improve the standard of the team and we are now going to compete for position number one,” said Mvalo.

“There are new players in the team as most of our old players have left due to various reasons.

“So I will be giving everybody a chance to play and then we’ll take it from there.”

He said the team had unfortunately lost some players from last season.

“We lost players like dangerous striker Angel Snyman, who currently has a job and can't honour our practises.

“The players I have now are very energetic and they fit my style of playing and they have blended well with my old players, like our right-back Masixole Rocky Loli and others.”

Mvalo said the support he had been given by management from the beginning had helped him be a better mentor to the players, and felt it would strengthen his efforts to get the team into the NFD next season.

“Our management knows how to spot players like Rocky, who is a team leader and we have decided to give him the armband because captaincy is about leadership and Rocky has proven himself last season.

“Thanks to management, I have a new exciting attacking midfielder who also plays as a winger. All I can say is that he is from Port Elizabeth he is going far that boy.”

He said he wanted to build an even stronger relationship with his technical team, who had been with the team for a long time.

“Good management relations will not only help us to win games but it will make running the team outside of the field of play smooth and enjoyable.

“I’m not the kind of person who starts blaming people when things don’t go according to plan, and this season we are aiming to get promotion – that’s our sole goal this time round.

“I’m not going to be like these other coaches saying they are not competing this season even though they are in this season.

“There’s no such thing, it’s just that people like to hide their intentions. Because why are you in this business if you don’t want to compete.”

He said the team still had good combinations upfront but was also working to strengthen the new players in the team.

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