Scouts in search of EC's top rugby talent

The new Springboks jersey for the Rugby World Cup.
The new Springboks jersey for the Rugby World Cup.
Image: SA Rugby/Twitter

Top rugby scouts are set to attend the SA Touch Association's (Sata) first ever Eastern Cape regional tournament at the Ebenezer High School in East London on Saturday.

The tournament, organised by Buffalo City Municipality Touch Association on behalf of Sata, will host teams from the Wild Coast, Port Elizabeth, Butterworth and Dimbaza.

BCMTA marketing manager Ingrid Wylde said they would host a pool of players from across the province. Spectators will be entertained in several ways, but most importantly, local rugby players will get a chance to display their skills in front of professional scouts.

“I think we have about ten teams who will be showcasing their skills in front of the top rugby scouts in the country,” said Wylde.

“The scouts will then look for opportunities for those players they've identified as talented and involve them in other competitions around the province.”

She said players who impressed the scouts would also get a chance to be assessed to represent SA at international level.

“People should come out in their numbers to witness true talent in the province on display.

“We'll have players from all over — from Hudson Park, Cambridge High but most importantly we want to help the kids in townships and make sure they get opportunities such as this one.

“And we're going to have a couple of Masters teams playing so it's going to be a day of fun for everyone,” said Wylde.