Caiphus Kgosana Executive editor: opinions and analysis

Caiphus Kgosana has extensive experience in reporting, writing and editing. In 2018 he re-joined the Sunday Times and is now in charge of the paper’s thought leader engine, the Opinions and Analysis section. He also writes on the political economy.


Cyril’s diktats on who can visit South Africa make no sense when tourist cash is vital

Disallowing travellers from certain countries will shut us out of markets and limit job creation and economic revival


Level one loading: Cyril Ramaphosa set to lift travel ban tonight

President Cyril Ramaphosa will tell the nation on Wednesday night that he is moving the country to Level 1 of the ...


Who needs Chiefs when we have the ANC’s own goals for comic relief?

Take the party’s Zim flight of fancy, a tragicomedy that would shock even the most banana of republics


If only the ANC could spin its ball properly, we’d all be nett gainers

What are these overpaid spin doctors good for when ministers are putting out PR fires via Twitter?