You've got a new message... Scuba diver finds working iPhone 9 metres underwater

Cerys Hearsey who found a working iPhone on the seabed while scuba diving.
Cerys Hearsey who found a working iPhone on the seabed while scuba diving.
Image: Cerys Hearsey / Facebook

An iPhone that was dropped by a tourist in a kayak was found on the seabed by a scuba diver who saw a flash of light when it received a text message.

News of how the phone was finally reunited with its owner‚ Rob Smith‚ made headlines this week in the UK.

The device was found in its waterproof case by Cerys Hearsey‚ who was scuba diving at Durdle Door‚ Dorset‚ in the UK on Saturday.

"I could see the phone sitting on the bottom of the seabed because it received a message and lit up‚" she told the Express. 

"I picked it up and returned to land where I cut it out of its case as it was starting to get a bit of water inside. I then looked up the numbers and got in touch with the owner's family."

Smith had dropped the iPhone overboard while kayaking in the area two days earlier. While Hearsey was trying to contact him‚ he was aboard a flight to Canada but she managed to contact his cousin in the UK.

The phone‚ which had more than 80% of its battery power when discovered about nine metres below the ocean surface‚ has been posted back to its owner.

Hearsey‚ who described herself as a scuba diving addict in her bio on Twitter‚ was modest in her reaction to all of the publicity.

"Still not sure how this became a news thing … but‚" she said in a tweet on Wednesday.

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