WATCH | Trevor Noah’s sermon on consent & toxic masculinity is EVERYTHING!

Trevor Noah dropped some real pearls of wisdom.
Trevor Noah dropped some real pearls of wisdom.
Image: Trevor Noah via Instagram

Femicide and gender-based violence has dominated discussions in 2019 but Trevor Noah may have just shared the most profound comments on consent and toxic masculinity we will hear all year.

Trevor was a guest on Charlamagne Tha God's The Breakfast Club radio show on Wednesday where he dropped some serious pearls of wisdom.

Speaking about consent, Trevor said it was tied to the problem of toxic masculinity.

“Everything is tied to everything else. So while we are having a conversation around alcohol and sex, we also need to be talking about consent. While we are talking about consent, we also have to talk about toxic masculinity and the way men see themselves in relation to women. A lot of the time, that is why men are doing what they are doing.”

He said that men, “don't take rejection well because it is somehow tied into their idea of how manly they are”.

Trevor then started dropping examples of songs which could be seen as sharing that message.

“What we don't realise is that we also have to go like, 'oh man, how are we being programmed? What have we thought is acceptable? How do we think it is acceptable and how do we change those things?'”

Trevor has been vocal on SA's battle with femicide, with his foundation releasing a statement in September calling for solidarity against the epidemic.

“In sad times like this, hopelessness occurs, where we now look at our brothers from across the border as enemies and our sisters who feel unsafe everywhere. We need to find the ubuntu within all of us & remind ourselves of the country that we are, a country of hope and dreams, of good education and brighter futures for all who enter. We stand in solidarity against genocide and femicide. Am I next? Say no to xenophobia.”

In his interview on Wednesday, Trevor also took aim at cancel culture and compared it to prison reform.

“What does cancelled mean? My problem with cancelled is that inherently it means you are now ousted from our society. Where do you think those people go? We are creating a community of cancelled people who have no option other than to be cancelled with each other.”

He also touched on the N-word, religion and cultural problems in America.

Trevor's comments were praised by fans, who took to social media to flood timelines with quotes and commentary from the interview.