Swizzy Nyovest! Cava the dance moves Cassper taught Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz has got the moves!
Swizz Beatz has got the moves!
Image: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Okay! We didn't know that inside American DJ Swizz Beatz's body was a man who had mad dance moves, just like those of SA's very own Cassper Nyovest.

When he's not creating blazing hot beats, the US muso is showing us love and how he hasn't forgotten the dance moves he apparently learnt from one of Mzansi's favourite rappers.

The American DJ shared a video on his Instagram of the dance moves he learnt years ago from Cass, saying that was how he stayed in his zone.

 “The key to my zone is always staying in it. Cassper Nyovest showed me this dance a few years ago.” 

Taking to the American's comment section, an enthusiastic Cassper said: “Haha. You on fire Swizz! Don't hurt them! Swizzy Nyovest!”

Pretty chuffed with himself about the way he taught the DJ how to dance, Cassper reposted the video.

“Ha ha, glad to see Swizzy still remembers the moves I taught him! Zone Zone Zone.”