WATCH | Mona Monyane on putting her health first: 'I was losing my mind'

Actress Mona Monyane is prioritising her health and encouraging others to do the same.
Actress Mona Monyane is prioritising her health and encouraging others to do the same.
Image: Gallo Images / Daily Sun / Noko Mashilo

Actress Mona Monyane is passionate about helping people prioritise their health after coming to a life-changing realisation. 

During a recent interview on Newzroom Afrika, Mona spoke about how she's dedicated her life to helping people make their health their number one priority. She is doing this through her #PowerOfWellness campaign.

"It all goes back to when I lost my second child after seven days," she explained. 

Mona tragically lost her newborn seven days after she was born. When she had revealed that she was pregnant with her second child, she was targeted by trolls who accused her of falling pregnant "too soon" after giving birth to her first child.

The actress said she realised during her grieving process that if she didn't prioritise her health, she would not get back to her sane and healthy self. 

"After the seven days she passed away and it all just felt like it was too much. It felt like I was losing my mind because my career and everything had been put on hold, and now this child [for whom it was done] was not here."

Listen to the clip from the interview below.

The actress has previously spoken out about how losing her child has changed her life in numerous ways. She said being a mother has helped her do a better job of handling her finances and ensuring that she hustles hard.

Speaking on Kaya FM's My Money and Me, Mona gave insight into how she spends her money and how, through research, she has learnt how a lack of financial education often holds black people back.

"My generation especially is coming from the post-apartheid generation. A lot has been done to tear families apart, to traumatise and disenfranchise them. We are ... that generation who have to take the baton and say, 'How do we normalise life for our children and their children?'"