5 reasons Somizi's reality show made our 2017

Somizi's show is one of the reality TV shows that topped the trending list every week.

Living the Dream with Somizi gained some great ratings for its second season and viewers loved how real the Idols SA judge was. The "no filter" approach also provided a lot of funny moments that fans loved.

Here's our list of why we loved it!

English showed him flames

To quote the great choreographer‚ "English is not my father!"


The hairstyles‚ fam

If there is a popular personality not afraid to experiment with looks and hairstyles‚ it has to be the reality TV star. Most of the time‚ his hair resulted in hilarious moments. Like that time his braids resembled a mop.


The vocabulary (mostly unique to Somizi) was just everything

When you want to express yourself and words escape you‚ just invent your own. Well‚ that's Somizi's philosophy at least.

The relationship advice

Even though Mzansi really has no set idea of who Somizi's partner is‚ throughout his show he dropped a few pearls of wisdom. It was mostly sprinkled with Som Som magic. Like that time he compared dating to renting.

His father-daughter relationship with Bahumi

Every week‚ Somizi would demonstrate how he navigates fatherhood and it mostly resulted in funny moments. Bahumi on the other hands often complained about how strict her dad is.


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