Magongwa is what Judas must've looked like when he betrayed Jesus

Putla Sehlapelo (Magongwa on Skeem Sam).
Putla Sehlapelo (Magongwa on Skeem Sam).
Image: File

The moral of the latest storyline involving Magongwa on Skeem Saam has finally landed for most tweeps. After watching him pretend to comfort principal Thobakgale after he plotted her downfall‚ Twitter is convinced the lesson is: "Love them all but trust no one!"

Tweeps watched in disbelief as Magongwa (played by Putla Sehlapelo) put on his second face‚ in which he tries to "help" the principal out of a situation he created.

Some tweeps likend his behaviour to that of the Judas‚ who was part of Jesus' inner circle and eventually betrayed him for money.

They were frustrated that the principal seemed to believe that Magongwa had no ulterior motives.

Twitter were just sitting there watching Magongwa pretend to care about the principal and all they could do was just share memes to show just what they think of him.

Meanwhile‚ Wallet is still going through the most and viewers are really worried about his pigs.

The guy did risk his life and job all for them‚ but who's taking care of them now?

Then Charles suggested that Koko must take care of them‚ but Twitter is not fond of that idea