Lasizwe clears the air on 'copycat' claims and lessons learnt so far...

South African vlogger Lasizwe
South African vlogger Lasizwe
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As one of the trail blazers on SA’s list of viral and video sensations‚ Lasizwe has been a sacrificial lamb to gauge what works for the net and what flops.

He recently found out the hard way that being in the public eye comes with its costs after being accused of being a copycat and has now clear his name.

He said that his work has been curated by him and he said he sees himself as getting inspiration from other people‚ as opposed to copying them.

"I take inspiration from a lot of people and every day life. I use my interactions with them as a way to vlog and entertain. In doing my videos‚ my aim is to entertain and not step on anyone’s toes and hope this will come across in my videos."

Lasizwe was dragged on Twitter after US star Jay Versace accused him of copying his concepts.

The 20-year-old star went from just being an internet sensation to being one of the most recognised names in Mzansi after big channels started recognising him and giving airtime on shows like You Got Got.

Lasizwe said since the beginning of his career he’s learned a lot by having a closer look at the industry.

He also spoke about attracting bad publicity due to what he calls "misunderstandings."

"I have learnt that we work with really diverse people and people want different stuff to engage with and that I will take that into my future of content generation.

"In the industry I am in it is believed that no publicity is bad publicity‚ however it is never a great feeling to be constantly dragged through the mud as some bad publicity exists because of misunderstandings."

Lasizwe explained that he believed in dealing with things head on because it always gave him an opportunity to learn something new. He said he knew that was one of the qualities that would cement his name in the industry.

"I believe in addressing anything in life head on and the result thereafter will prove to be a learning opportunity for me.

"I will always remain true to myself and be authentically South African‚ but I keep in mind some of the international audiences that view my videos too."

His latest project as the Fanta Teen Marketing Director has seen him link up with three other young influencers in an attempt to create youth based entertainment‚ for youth by youth.

"Fanta Squad is made up if Katlego Ncala‚ TaFire and Matt Menton. We will be doing a 13 week series on YouTube of spontaneous and unconventional challenges. The series will play every Thursday at 16:00 starting on the 28th of June 2018. It’s all about keeping things fresh and constantly allowing for innovative ideas to come forth."

Lasizwe also said a lot more can be expected from him this year‚ including a huge announcement in the works and his brand of clothing called Facken Bastard.