WATCH | LOL! Khanyi Mbau's gatvol of Apple users & their charger drama

Khanyi Mbau doesn't vibes with Apple iPhone users.
Khanyi Mbau doesn't vibes with Apple iPhone users.
Image: Via Khanyi Mbau's Instagram

Khanyi Mbau's theory of what the root of all evil is will definitely add some laughs to your Sunday! 

In a video she shared on Twitter, Khanyi raised concerns over how cables that charge iPhone devices “mysteriously” go missing.

“Guys, I don't care what you have to say, neh! As much as the phone is expensive, the nicest phone but the Apple users, all Apple users are disgusting. You can never be safe around them.”

To show how serious the matter was to Khanyi, she alluded that pastors too can't be trusted.

“It can be your own pastor, he'll switch your cable and leave you with what he had. It could be your brother walking into your house ... I don't know why nobody with an Apple phone carries a charger but we are always in need and when they get it, they don't care for you!.”

Knowing that Apple charges don't come cheap and can't be traded for cheaper ones, Khanyi declared that Apple creator Steve Jobs missed a part in creating the phone. “Each charger was supposed to only work for the device that you bought. That's the only way he was going to stop this, I mean, even drug addicts are better than iPhone users...Yoh!!'

“Guys they say money is the root of evil ... no, no. Apple users iPhone users.”