Gigi Lamayne details being hijacked and almost raped

“Rather take the car, you won’t take my dignity though.”

Gigi assured fans that she and her team are now safe and the car has been found.
Gigi assured fans that she and her team are now safe and the car has been found.
Image: Instagram/Gigi Lamayne

Slaap Tiger hitmaker Gigi Lamayne is grateful to have escaped unharmed after hijackers  threatened to rape her as “punishment” for throwing her phone into the bush during the ordeal on Wednesday night.   

Gigi detailed the experience on Twitter, sharing how she got out of the car and ran with her cellphone. 

“I just got out and I ran with my phone. I know it wasn’t the safest thing to do,” she said.

The Ice Cream star said she felt “sick” when one of the perpetrators threatened to rape her. 

“Worst part is besides the fact that you’re doing this, you’re still audacious enough to even think of raping somebody. I feel sick.

“I ran for my life cause honestly, I told him to kill me before trying to violate me. Rather take the car. You won’t take my dignity though. And guess what? I know for a fact a higher power protected us tonight,” she tweeted.

Within hours of the incident, Gigi and her team had their car returned to them. Watch here:

Gigi said that even though she survived the hijacking, she wasn't left unscathed and sustained injuries to her ankle. 

“As much as we found the car, I hurt my ankle. Never thought it could be me. Be safe, pray before you go to work. It’s real,” she wrote. 

Online vehicle tracking comparison site, Car Tracker SA, also took to Twitter to say they helped the rapper recover her car.