Kairo calls out DJ Zinhle for the way she dresses - her response is hilarious!

Little Kairo Forbes is growing up to be her mother's fashion police.
Little Kairo Forbes is growing up to be her mother's fashion police.
Image: Instagram/Kairo Forbes

Star child Kairo Forbes is the latest fashionista to hit the scene, and mommy DJ Zinhle doesn't seem too impressed with her verdicts!

It seems like just yesterday that Fela in Versace hitmaker AKA and DJ Zinhle introduced baby Kairo to the world. Now all grown up and formulating her own opinions on the world, Kairo has shown an interest in fashion, just like her mother and Era by DJ Zinhle designer Zinhle. 

However, it seems like the Indlovu hitmaker isn't chuffed with Kairo's comments on her outfits. And she joked that she just might catch the little homegirl ready to be an adult and help her move out!

โ€œKairo has started making comments about how I dress. Seems like the girl is ready to move out of my house,โ€ joked DJ Zinhle.

The internet had a lot to say about Kairo being Zinhle's personal fashion police.

Other parents also took to the reply section to share their own stories of their kids.

Here are some of the responses:

Though they may not agree on fashion, DJ Zinhle always keeps the success of her daughter at the forefront of her career.

Last year, after she became CEO of Boulevard Rosรฉ Nectar and gained equity in the brand, the star said she took to the socials to announce the big news, explaining she was building a better future and setting up a legacy for her daughter, Kairo. 

โ€œMy team and I work really hard, words canโ€™t describe this moment. Our hard work never went unnoticed. God really is the greatest,โ€ said DJ Zinhle at the time.