Hackers hold Zodwa Wabantu's social media to ransom

Zodwa was hacked but regained control of her account, explaining what happened in a live video.
Zodwa was hacked but regained control of her account, explaining what happened in a live video.
Image: Instagram/Zodwa Wabantu

Socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu has joined the growing list of celebrities who have had their social media accounts hacked, but the star seems in good spirits since the ordeal.

It all began when supposed hackers took over Zodwa's Instagram account, heading straight to her stories with ransom demands.

In the story, they said that if she did something “stupid” they would delete all her posts and any content posted by her account and she would regret it. 

However, not too long after, Zodwa regained control of her account.

In a statement posted to social media, the star said the account was once again in her hands.

“After much back and forth, I have got my account back.

“I would like to thank my people for standing with me and not buying into the demands of the hacker. I'm happy to be back and looking forward to enjoying Instagram with my people,” she wrote.

But some weren't convinced it was Zodwa behind the post, leading her to upload a video of herself chatting to fans.

Check it out:

When the whole nation knows your name, hackers are bound to come around, just like the haters.

Last year, musician and actor NaakMusiq's accounts were taken over by an unknown user who changed NaakMusiq's profile picture.

In a video addressing the matter, he assured fans he was trying to get his account back and that any other accounts popping up on the TL weren't his.

“I just want to inform everyone that all the Twitter accounts that are suddenly popping up saying they are me, none of it is me. I haven't started any temporary Twitter accounts to reroute people there.

“I am trying my best to help recover the current [legitimate] one, but if I'm unsuccessful in doing that then, unfortunately, I will probably not go back on Twitter. I think it's just too much admin to get everything started and try to get people to follow me again.