Amanda Black says we need a Q&A with government over vaccine passports

Amanda Black is highly critical of the vaccine rollout in SA.
Amanda Black is highly critical of the vaccine rollout in SA.
Image: Supplied

Amanda Black has taken to Twitter to raise concerns about reports that government may implement a “vaccine passport”.

The singer-song-writer has been critical of SA’s vaccine rollout and joined the chorus of those apprehensive about a vaccine passport.

During his most recent address to the nation, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the health department was looking at ways to introduce the passport, and said he would give more details when he reviews the measures.

“We will also be providing further information on an approach for vaccine passports, which can be used as evidence of vaccination for various purposes and events so people are able to demonstrate they’ve been vaccinated.”

Catching wind of the news, Amanda took to the Twitter streets, saying she has a few questions about the vaccine.

She said the public should be able to engage in a question and answer session about the purpose of the proposed vaccine passport.

Earlier this year, the star took to Twitter to say she believes SA is still in the thick of the pandemic because of corruption.

“A year later in a pandemic and billions looted and no significant changes in our health system? There is a terrifying number of unemployed medical staff in our country. What happened to the Cuban doctors?” she asked.