'One of my proudest moments this' — 'Dineo on Sex 'n Stuff ' to premiere on BET Africa

Dineo Ranaka's podcast will air on BET Africa
Dineo Ranaka's podcast will air on BET Africa

Dineo Ranaka's podcast Dineo on Sex 'n Stuff will air on BET Africa.

The media personality headed to her Instagram timeline to announce that season 2 of her show is heading to the TV screens.  

“We’re back! Every Wednesday (tonight) @ 9pm on @bet_africa and every Thursday @ 9pm on my Dineo Ranaka YouTube channel, one of my proudest moments this. May this be the beginning of a fruitful relationship and many other doors opening. May this be the acceptance of me to me! May this continue to be blessed,” she wrote. 

Dineo joined the Podcast and Chill Network almost a year after her exit from Kaya 959 and being off air for nearly two months since revealing her mental health battles in May.

Speaking to City Press, Dineo said there was more to her podcast. 

“There’s so much more to it than just discussing depression or just sex. It’s so layered and I’m excited to explore all of the layers. This is a global discussion that affects all races, nationalities, genders, religions and cultures.” 

Dineo shared a video explaining why she wanted to explore conversations surrounding sex and mental health. 

“Obviously, you know, I've been making headlines for my mental health and this, that and the other. There's something very peculiar about my life during this dark season. My sex hormones are raging, hence I want to have these sorts of conversations.”

In another post, she thanked her followers, friends, colleagues and family for the unwavering support they've shown her.

“When we are supported, we soar. Behind closed doors, I have such a formidable support structure. Siblings, parents, my children, my lover, my friends. They give me wings. Spanning the size of the biggest eagle you can ever imagine. Now when I include your support? My God, I feel superhuman.