Prayer helps couple triumph

Power Couple South Africa first season winners Emile and Razia Samson said prayer and being true to themselves were the key ingredients in their recipe to success.

The couple, who both work in fashion, walked away with R500000 when the reality series came to an end last Thursday.

They beat seven other couples in the reality show based on their abilities to “predict” how their partner would fare in certain challenges and deciding how much money they would bet on their partner’s performance.

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch yesterday Razia, a former Hudson Park High School pupil, said they were not the strongest physically but knowing one another for 17 years had helped.

“We were able to work together as a team and each of the couples have different strengths so no one was stronger than another,” said Razia.

Emile agreed and added: “Any of the other seven couples were our competition as the game was one of chance – it was not solely dependant on you and your partners’ skills.

“Our greatest strength was knowing one another after all these years of relationship and marriage.”

The couple, who have three daughters, survived the most elimination ceremonies, having been in the hot seat three times. Emile said they tried to not be deterred by that.

“The game was set up in such a way that our lifeblood in Power Couple SA depended on the views and opinions of the other contestants.

“We were never in control of these outcomes, so prayed a lot behind closed doors in our suite,” said Emile.

Razia said that with each task couples had to raise money that would go towards their winnings should they get to the final.

“In the end, we were up against one of the competition’s strongest couples, Viki and Dylan Smith, who had raised over R1-million.”

Emile said the most difficult time for him was seeing all the ladies go through the eating challenge.

“I hated the idea of putting Razia through such torture. We have a very low affinity for exotic tastes and textures of food so I knew that I did not want this for Razia,” said Emile.

Razia said the challenge had placed her on the verge of quitting but Emile would hear nothing of it and they decided to forfeit it instead.

She said although she struggled with facing her fears, her favourite moment was seeing Emile in high heeled shoes in another challenge.

The couple said they planned to use their winnings to better their and their daughters’ lives.

“Razia wants to travel internationally but my eyes are more set on growing the funds in a well thought out and strategic manner,” said Emile. — ziphon@dispatch.