Call for thorough investigation

The man who shot and killed a 17-year-old Dale College pupil, allegedly in self-defence, was an on-duty VIP protection unit police officer.

This was revealed as the principal of Dale College yesterday called for a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the shooting, casting doubt that the pupil, who had no disciplinary issues, had been attempting to rob the man.

King William’s Town police spokeswoman Captain Siphokazi Mawisa, said the unnamed officer was based at the King William’s Town SAPS VIP Protection Unit on Durban Street.

Mawisa said the man’s duties included offering protection services to politicians, including heads of states, cabinet ministers, premiers and mayors.

The officer, from Centane near Butterworth, had sustained three stab wounds to his upper body during the alleged robbery, she added.

“He sustained wounds on the head and shoulder.”

Cases of murder and attempted robbery are being investigated by the King William’s Town Police.

Mawisa could not say whether or not the officer had been arrested in connection with the murder investigation.

He was discharged from hospital after being treated for his injuries, she said.

Mawisa added that the officer alleged he was attacked by two youths and that one of them fled when he fought back.

She said VIP protection unit officers undergo intensive and specialised training in self-defence once they joined the unit.

Dale College has launched its own investigation into the death of the Grade 11 pupil, whom both the police and the school say they are not at liberty to name.

Headmaster Mike Eddy said he would not be quick to believe “the one version of the police” and would be looking to uncover the truth.

“The learner has no record of poor discipline at all. If he was involved in the crime be assured that there was more to it.”

Eddy said the pupil, who was a rugby player, had called his father to announce their win against old rivals Selborne College during Dale’s 156-year reunion celebrations over the weekend.

His father, who is in Cape Town, could not be reached for comment.

Mawisa said the pupil had died at Grey Hospital from a bullet wound on Sunday.

Eddy has called on the police to conduct an investigation that would “uncover the truth”.

Yesterday the school paid tribute to the deceased pupil with a prayer, eulogy and a Bible reading. —

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