Suspected gang hits EL leafy suburb

Nahoon Mouth residents fear their upmarket neighbourhood is being hit by a professional burglary gang which disarms alarm systems while homeowners are away and makes off with fine jewellery, watches, laptops and TV sets.

The Daily Dispatch is aware of at least six break-ins since May, with two homes having been burgled at the weekend.

The crimes usually take place between 7pm and 8pm, sometimes while unsuspecting neighbours are outside braaing on their patios next door, according to the affected homeowners.

Attorney Gary Gravett, whose Logan Drive home was broken into on Friday evening while he was in Cape Town for a medical procedure, is of the opinion that the break-ins are the work of a “highly organised syndicate” and has suggested the community pitch in for a private investigator to crack it.

Responding to questions, police spokesman Captain Mluleki Mbi confirmed one burglary in Nahoon and another in neighbouring Bonnie Doon this weekend, after which a suspect was arrested.

He brushed off the suggestion that a syndicate was at work, but said a task team had been established “to tackle these type of cases”.

Gravett said the burglars must have used a crowbar to open the door of his safe before helping themselves to gold jewellery and a laptop, and all the wardrobes were ransacked.

“This is a syndicate and these guys are professionals. They pulled my whole alarm system out of the wall and no alarm went off.

“I feel defiled and invaded.

“I will give the police a chance, but I suggested on our community WhatsApp group that we explore the option of a private investigator.”

On Saturday night it was the turn of Gravett’s neighbour Ruth Cocks who had her home broken into while she was out for dinner.

Benita van den Bos said her Princess Alice Drive home was burgled last month, after burglars climbed onto a balcony, kicked in the burglar bars and stole jewellery, designer watches and down jackets from their daughter’s room where a wardrobe happened to obscure the alarm sensor.

In mid-May burglars broke into the bathroom window of Dr Alan Hill in Harewood Drive, bypassed the alarm system and made off with gold jewellery.

At the end of May the Logan Drive home of Sue Davies was broken into while the family was in Hogsback. —

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