Guilty of R200k theft from vet

A former administrator at one of East London’s veterinary clinics has been found guilty of stealing almost R200000 from the business.

Coen de Bruin, a vet at the Berea Veterinary Clinic, took the former employee and friend, Tania Rhind, to court after she stole close to R200000.

The East London Magistrate’s Court found Rhind guilty of theft of R182708 during the two years she worked at the clinic. The case was postponed to September 26 for pre-sentencing arguments.

De Bruin said he had trusted Rhind as she was one of his first friends when he moved to the city many years ago.

He said taking her to court was not about the money but rather about justice as he alleges she had done the same thing at her previous place of employment.

“My previous employee also stole from me, and around the time I was looking for someone to be a cashier she said she was available.

“Because I knew her I didn’t bother getting references, and as time went on things were just not adding up financially,” he said.

Rhind first appeared in court on March 2 and was released on warning.

According to court documents, Rhind unlawfully and intentionally stole R63960 from De Bruin, and had deleted invoices detailing the rest of the money.

When the Dispatch contacted Rhind for comment she said: “I am keen on commenting but not at the moment because I am lying in bed with the flu,” she said before ending the call. —

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