UFH students meet to decide on strike

University of Fort Hare students in East London will decide today whether to go back to class or go on a prolonged stay away.

The decision will be taken at a mass meeting currently underway at the East London campus.

Private security guards are monitoring the meeting from close range.

Outside the venue, police officers in a full minitaxi are also keeping watch.

The mass meeting comes after the university temporarily closed the nursing faculty following several protests by nursing students, who want acting head of department Ntombana Rala to leave.

Nursing students were given until August 30 to bring their parents to the university - something only less than 10 did.

In today's meeting, the students were told that management has extended its deadline for nursing students to bring their parents.

The university management has maintained that it was only a few nursing students that were part of the class boycott.

It also transpired at the meeting that the university management has sent forms to nursing students to sign.

The forms bind the students not to take part in protest actions.

However, the students were against signing the forms, saying if the whole campus protests, nursing students would not be able to take part in the looming action.​

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