Student dies after mob attack on campus

An Eastern Cape university student has been beaten to death, allegedly by fellow students in Mthatha on Monday night.

It is alleged that the 23-year-old Walter Sisulu University student at the Nelson Mandela Drive site was found in suspicious circumstance inside his old residence room. He had occupied it last year.

 DispatchLive has been reliably told the present room occupant caught the student allegedly in the act of stealing.

 "He sounded the alarm and other students came," said a source.

The student had an accomplice who climbed three floors down an extension cord while the accused student jumped from the third floor, said the source.

Students then chased after the pair, caught the student, and assaulted him.

 “He was taken to hospital,” he said.

 Department of health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the patient was admitted to Mthatha General hospital with head injuries.

“He was then transferred to Nelson Mandela Academic hospital. He died in the early hours of today,” he said.


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