WATCH | Baby giraffe and anti-poaching dog 'head over heels' in love

Baby giraffe Jazz has made Hunter his bestie at a rhino orphanage in Limpopo.
Baby giraffe Jazz has made Hunter his bestie at a rhino orphanage in Limpopo.
Image: Facebook/The Rhino Orphanage

A baby giraffe abandoned at birth has taken a liking to an anti-poaching dog at The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo.

In a viral video posted by The Rhino Orphanage on Facebook, the nine-day-old giraffe Jazz can be seen cuddling and snuggling with Hunter.

According to the AP, the orphanage took Jazz in when the baby giraffe was only a few days old after a local farmer found him in the wild, weak and dehydrated, and called the centre for help.

In a Facebook post, the orphanage said Hunter has “fallen head over heels” for Jazz.

“He stays in the room all day with Jazz and the carers and doesn't allow his brother, Duke, close. So concerned was Hunter about Jazz when he was in a coma that he did not want to eat.”

The orphanage said the baby giraffe was comatose for the first 18 hours but then started showing signs of waking up.

“Further intravenous fluids were administered and it seems the little boy is getting stronger. He managed to stand up a few times with the help of our carers and walked around this evening on very unsure legs.

“Baby giraffes are notorious for being labour-intensive and difficult to get on a bottle. Jazz has proved no different. Their height (about 1.8m) also doesn't make it any easier, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will hopefully pay off.”

Jazz is now doing much better and the orphanage hopes to let him back into the wild soon.

* Update on Jazz * It has been a long night but things are looking up. Jazz just slowly sucked on his first bottle of...

Posted by The Rhino Orphanage on Sunday, 17 November 2019